Norwegian Airlines’ Wet-Leased Boeing 767 Diverts To Gander

On September 5th, flight DY7194 out of Newark Liberty (EWR) was heading to Rome Fumicino (FCO) when it diverted to Gander airport (YQX) due to “technical problems”. The flight was sold as a Norwegian flight, but was being operated by Portuguese wet lease operator euroAtlantic.

The Norwegian flight was actually operated by euroAtlantic. Photo: euroAtlantic

According to a passenger on the flight who wishes to remain anonymous, the Norwegian flight operated by EuroAtlantic Airways using a Boeing 767, left Newark, NJ bound for Rome, Italy at approximately 00:30 hours on September 5th, 2019. Approximately three hours into the flight, the source says that they had to make an emergency landing in Gander, Newfoundland due to “technical problems”, as reported by the captain and crew.

As a result of the issue, the airline had to accommodate the passengers of the flight at local hotels. With most of the entire day of September 5th passed, passengers were informed around 20:00 hours that they were to go back to the airport for the flight onwards to Rome. The flight number onwards to Rome was changed to DY7994 after the emergency landing.

The flight path of DY7194. Photo: FlightRadar24
The flight path of DY7994. Photo: FlightRadar24

Situation ‘extremely scary’

According to our source, the situation was extremely scary, with many passengers “freaking out”. Apparently, the plane was “rather old and dilapidated inside, and the crew wasn’t very transparent with anyone throughout the process”. After the pilot announced that there were technical problems and a subsequent diversion, it is reported that he said the flight would “either land in Gander or the navy would have had to get us”.

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Upon landing, the aircraft was met by a fire truck and emergency vehicles. Lastly, our source reports that everyone from Gander was “extremely kind and helpful”. As the flight was sold as Norwegian, we contacted them for comment. A spokesperson responded saying:

“Due to a technical issue flight DY7194 from Newark to Rome, which was operated by EuroAtlantic on behalf on Norwegian, diverted to Gander International Airport. The aircraft landed normally and passengers were provided with hotel accommodation until an alternative flight could be arranged. We would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused to our passengers due to this delay.”

About euroAtlantic Airways

According to the airline’s website, it first started as Air Zarco in 1993. Shortly after, it took on the trade name Air Madeira for seven years and then took on its current name in May of 2000. Since then it has operated by the name euroAtlantic Airways – Transportes Aéreos S.A.

euroAtlantic Airways identifies itself as a schedule and non-schedule Portuguese International Airline, “operating in the most diverse routes in North Atlantic with air transport license and FAOC to operate into the US and Canada, Caribbean, Central and South Americas, Africa, Middle East, Pacific, Australia and Oceania.”

euroAtlantic Airways has six 767-300ER aircraft in its fleet. Photo: euroAtlantic

The airline also provides charter services, wet-lease and ad-hoc flights from “anywhere to several places in Europe and to the rest of the world”.

The airline has the following aircraft in its fleet:

  • Six B767-300ER
  • One B777-200ER
  • One B737-800NG
  • And one Cessna Citation CJ3 for Private Executive Flight


Norwegian has had to employ the services of several wet lease airlines recently as it deals with 787 engine problems and the Boeing 737 MAX grounding. Unfortunately, on the same night as this Norwegian wet lease incident, one of Norwegian’s Dreamliners was also diverted. The flight was originally going from Los Angeles to Barcelona but had to divert to Dublin.

Have you ever flown euroAtlantic? Are the conditions as bad as our source reports them to be? Let us know by leaving a comment!

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Wayne Travers

My wife and I, along with another couple, were on the flight from EWR. The captain later told us the emergency landing was due to smoke in the cockpit but said only it was a “technical issue” as we prepared to land in Newfoundland. However, I feel the passengers were calm, mostly because we had very little information. After a few hours in Gander, the crew disappeared and when we finally were scheduled to leave at midnight on Sept. 5, they didn’t arrive for another hour. Throughout this debacle, Norwegian has done a very poor job of keeping us updated… Read more »

Kiss David

Was the flight scary? Do you think it’s a safe airline?


Absolutely yes, from the time I got on the plane and realized how old it was.
It’s indecent behavior on Norwegian’s part. Shame on them for treating human lives this way!


It was built in 2001 – that’s not that old.

Rossella Livraga

I was on this flight and the lack of communication until 20 minutes before landing made most of us very scared that we would either crash on the runway (with a full tank and a short runway) or land in the ocean. The flight attendants were freaked out and told us to look for exit doors. The Italian pilot saved us all. I wish I had his name. About 50 of us refused to get on the same plane and made other arrangements to get to Rome or get back to NY. This was a terrible experience for me, emotionally… Read more »

Kiss David

But was the pilot good? I think the pilots are good, just the customer service and the products are bad

Heather C

Hi Rossella – My boyfriend and I were also on this flight. We had the same feeling and didn’t want to risk getting put on the same plane and took 3 connecting flights back to NY – not sure if you were one of the groups we ran into on one of the flights back home. Let me know how we can get in touch with you, we’d like to join the group.

Heather C
Al Cuff

Hit them hard in the only place Norwegian is concerned about $$$$$

Wayne Travers

What’s your email address?


Please leave a reference/ contact to join. Thank you

Simon Griffee

I was also on the frightening flight and have written about my experience at

I want compensation from Norwegian Airlines, and would like to join the group.

My email is [email protected]

Simon Griffee

Update 2019-09-11: I found this page — — on Norwegian Airline’s website that lets you upload receipts and make claims for the affected flights. I just submitted a claim for a refund for the Air Canada flight ticket I needed to buy to get from Gander to Rome and received a confirmation email and incident number. I will write here if I receive the refund.


I was also on this flight, had the same terrifying experience (my wife and I were literally expecting to crash into the ocean based on the statements of the flight attendants) and would be happy to join this group. Please contact me at [email protected] with info.


I was also on the flight and would like to join the group. You can reach me at [email protected].

Shabin Williams

EuroAtlantic Airways is an interesting carrier to fly. In late August, I flew them flying on behalf of Icelandair from Boston to Keflavik. Needless to say, it was a very unpleasant experience. The flight attendants that communicated with the passengers were all Icelandair attendants, the EuroAtlantic attendants didn’t really do much. Furthermore, the pilots tended to use the PA system more than really was necessary. But the worst part was the seats. While well-cushioned, there is barely any space with a seat pitch of just 30 inches on the aircraft I flew, CS-TSV. While the experience was okay, I won’t… Read more »


I hope people get compensation for their time wasted, but 2001 is typically NOT old for a widebody aircraft.