Norwegian’s South America Mission: Spain To Peru Flights Imminent

[easy-social-share ukey=”1554053909″] The Spanish civil aviation authority has granted Norway’s low-cost airline, Norwegian, permission to operate flights between Spain and Peru seven times a week. Accordingly, the airline is ready to offer flights from Spain to Peru in the near future.

What are the details?

Currently, Norwegian operates long-haul flights out of two bases in Spain; Barcelona and Madrid. At this time, we don’t know which of the two bases will become the origin for its Peru flights. Additionally, the airline has not yet announced its destination in Peru.

Nonetheless, Peru’s capital Lima is the most likely destination. Jorge Chavez International Airport, right outside Lima, is Peru’s busiest airport. Furthermore, the route between Lima and Madrid was the airport’s fifth busiest international route in 2018.

Jorge Chavez International Airport
Lima’s Jorge Chavez International Airport serves about 22 million passengers annually. Photo: Wikimedia.

Norwegian will be competing with four other airlines on this route. Currently Peru’s LATAM Peru, as well as Spain’s Air Europa and Iberia connect the cities with daily flights. In addition, Spain’s Plus Ultra Lineas Aereas offers three flights a week between Lima and Madrid.

At the same time, the route between Lima and Barcelona is only Lima’s 38th busiest international route. However, only one airline, Peru’s LATAM Peru, provides service between the two cities. As a result, Norwegian would face significantly less competition if it chose to offer flights on this route.

Norwegian Boeing 787
Norwegian currently operates eight long-haul routes from Spain. Photo: Norwegian.

Peru will not be Norwegian’s first long-haul destination from Spain. As a matter of fact, the airline already offers three long-haul flights from Madrid and five from Barcelona. All of these flights serve destinations in the United States.


Even though Norwegian has faced some financial problems lately, the airline apparently has plans to continue its South America mission. The airline already provides service between London Gatwick and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and London Gatwick and Buenos Aires, Argentina. In addition, Norwegian is considering adding Santiago, Chile to its growing list of destinations.

How do you feel about Norwegian’s South America mission? Are you going to take advantage of the airline’s service from Spain to Peru?