Omni Boeing 767 Suffers Gear Collapse In Bucharest

A Boeing 767 being operated by Omni Air International today had its left-hand landing gear collapse after landing at Baneasa Airport in Bucharest. The plane was heading to Washington D.C. from Afghanistan’s capital of Kabul but was making a stop to refuel in the Romanian capital.

Omni 767
The Omni Air International flight was carrying 80 people when landing at Bucharest. Photo: Pedro Aragão via Wikimedia Commons

An unexpected occurrence

The long-distance journey of the jet came to an end due to this incident. A video shared on Twitter shows that the plane’s emergency slides were deployed. Additionally, fire trucks were surrounding the aircraft earlier today.

AeroInside reports that the 767 holds registration number N423AX, and it was performing flight OY-703. The aircraft landed at the airport’s runway 07 with all of its gear struts down at 14:53L (11:53Z) and locked. However, a few seconds after a standard touchdown, the plane had a collapse of its left main gear.

The jet then skidded on its right main gear and left engine cowl. The nose gear lifted again to a stop on the center line of the track. Altogether, 80 people were on board the plane when the incident happened. There are currently no reports of any injuries due to this event.

767 Omni
The plane was only supposed to make a quick stop between Afghanistan and the United States. Photo: Anna Zvereva via Wikimedia Commons

More about the airline

Omni is an airline that is based at Tulsa International Airport’s Hangar 19. The company focused on passenger charter services, along with Aircraft Crew Maintenance Insurance (ACMI) wet leasing.

The firm began operating in March 1993 with a Boeing 727 freighter unit. Today, it holds 12 767s and three 777s. Therefore, it runs a fleet of solely widebody aircraft.

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Following the collapse of Thomas Cook Airlines last September, Omni played a part in the largest repatriation of British citizens during peacetime. The United Kingdom’s Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) contracted the carrier to help bring the country’s citizens home from several destinations across the globe.

This year, there has been a significant number of people stranded due to the flight restrictions brought on by the global health crisis. Therefore, Omni may have been busy again with repatriation missions throughout this summer.

Omni 777
The airline’s long-haul jets have proved to be useful on important services across the globe. Photo: Raimond Spekking via Wikimedia Commons

Hoping to resolve the issue

Thankfully, there does not seem to be anyone seriously hurt during this incident. Nonetheless, Omni and its passengers will be hoping that the situation is resolved so that the travelers can continue on their journey to the capital of the United States.

Simple Flying reached out to Omni Air International for more information about what happened. However, we did not hear back before publication. We will update the article with any further announcements regarding today’s occurrence.

What are your thoughts about this Omni Boeing 767 aircraft incident? Were you on this flight when the event happened? Let us know what you think of the situation in the comment.