What To Expect From The oneworld Alliance In 2020

2020 is set to be exciting for the oneworld alliance. For starters, we should see news of the alliance’s new branded lounge in Moscow later this year. The alliance’s first African member, Royal Air Maroc, is also due to join in 2020. However, we will also see the departure of current member LATAM during the coming year.

oneworld, Royal Air Maroc, LATAM
Lots is set to happen in the oneworld alliance this year. Photo: Albion via Wikimedia

Last year the oneworld alliance hosted its 20th birthday party in London, having been founded in 1999. This saw airline CEOs from across the alliance coming together for the special occasion. However, there will surely be more celebration in the pipeline this year!

New oneworld lounge

The first oneworld story to get excited about in 2020 is the alliance’s first branded lounge. At the aforementioned 20th anniversary celebrations, the alliance’s CEO, Rob Gurney, announced that the group would open its first branded lounge. The idea was that the lounge would be located somewhere with a strong oneworld presence. However, it was intended that no one airline would have a lounge there.

Instead, the alliance opted for Moscow, home to its member S7 Airlines. While we don’t know when this lounge will open, or details beyond its location, we’ve been told to expect to find them out this year.

Moscow is home to alliance member airline S7. Photo: Getty Images

Royal Air Maroc

Over a year ago, in late 2018, the alliance held a press conference in New York. Out of the conference came the announcement that Royal Air Maroc would join the alliance. The Morrocan airline will be the first African member to join the alliance.

We know that Royal Air Maroc will complete its joining process in 2020. However, what we don’t know yet is when this will happen. Reports from the french language Air Journal suggest that this will occur on March 31st. However, Simple Flying is yet to receive confirmation that this is indeed the case from the alliance itself.

LATAM Departure

While 2020 will be an exciting year for the oneworld alliance in Africa, across the Atlantic Ocean in South America, things aren’t so peachy. Following a 20% acquisition of member LATAM by Delta Air Lines, the South American airline is set to depart from the alliance.

oneworld, Royal Air Maroc, LATAM
While LATAM’s CEO will leave this lineup, Royal Air Maroc’s will soon join. Photo: British Airways

The airline’s official exit date from the alliance is set to be the 1st of October 2020. However, in an email sent out to frequent fliers, LATAM had said: “It is important that you know that we are evaluating an exit prior to October 1, 2020”. At the time, the airline additionally told Simple Flying:

“LATAM advised oneworld and its alliance partners in September 2019 that it would leave oneworld within one year, in line with the standard notice period. The company is evaluating an earlier departure date with any change to be communicated in due course.”

What are you most excited to see come from the oneworld alliance in 2020? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!