More Oneworld Airlines Introduce Connected Boarding Pass System

If you’re a frequent traveler loyal to the Oneworld alliance then there’s some good news for you this week. The alliance has announced the expansion of its digital platform. According to Business Traveller, this will allow more customers to check in and receive boarding passes for connecting flights on a single carrier’s mobile app or website.

More Oneworld Airlines Introduce Connected Boarding Pass System
Cathay was one of the first airlines to adopt this new digital platform. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

The platform

Announced earlier this year in February, this new digital platform has been partnering with more and more Oneworld members to integrate boarding passes. This is of course particularly useful for passengers flying on codeshare flights or itineraries with more than one airline within the same alliance. This is what Oneworld’s press release had to say about it:

Oneworld’s new digital platform […] has achieved a number of key landmarks since its launch in February, adding capabilities to the platform. As it is progressively rolled out, it will bring to life in the digital era the alliance’s core promise of seamless connectivity for customers flying on multi-sector, multi-airline journeys, via the convenience of their preferred member airline’s mobile app or website – without having to download any additional app or enter more log-in credentials.”

More Oneworld Airlines Introduce Connected Boarding Pass System
Qatar was one of the first airlines to join this new digital platform. Photo: North West Transport via Flickr

Here is a rough timeline of airline integration so far:

  • January 2019: Cathay Pacific and Qatar Airways connect in this way. This enables their customers to use either airline’s app or website to check-in for connecting flights on either airline.
  • June 2019: Airlines Iberia and Finnair will offer their customers the same capability.
  • Unfortunately no additional airlines or timelines have been announced regarding integration and connecting to the common platform.

Other digital services in the works that will better integrate Oneworld airlines include:

  • Baggage tracking.
  • Full seat selection, including when payments are required.
  • The ability to pay for additional baggage

Remarks from leadership

Commenting on the press release, Rob Gurney, the CEO of Oneworld said:

“The role of global alliances, like Oneworld, is to connect the networks of airlines, making it easier and more rewarding for customers to travel to many more places beyond the reach of any single carrier…Three quarters of Oneworld’s frequent flyers use at least one airline app. Half of them have at least three airline apps on their mobile devices – but there is a strong preference for using just one single app to cover a journey involving a transfer between different airlines… It is now – and Oneworld is on track to be the first alliance to offer this capability across its entire network.”


This new development is exciting for those that loyally fly one airline or one airline alliance. When you fly a trip using more than one airline, do you use multiple apps for boarding passes? Is there a digital reservation/booking feature that you’d like to see the airlines and alliances offer one day? Let us know in the comment section!

More Oneworld Airlines Introduce Connected Boarding Pass System
Malaysia Airlines is a member of the Oneworld alliance but has yet to integrate into this new system. Photo: Flickr user lasta29