Outrage As Passenger Accuses Delta Captain Of Grabbing Him By The Neck

Breaking news from Twitter, as a passenger onboard a Delta flight today has accused the captain of the flight of assault.

Whilst this story is still developing and there are many theories floating around, the victim has taken to Twitter to express their shock and rage.

What are the details?

Delta Passenger and Law Professor Khaled Beydoun was flying to Arkansas when he was asked to change seats due to an ’emergency reason’. No additional details were given but he was asked to move away from the first row of the plane (his preferred seat) and move elsewhere on board. As Khaled is a self-proclaimed Muslim and Arab, he believed that his redeployment was racially motived and wished to discuss it with the captain upon landing.

However, when he approached the captain after landing to make a complaint, his conversation was cut short and was ‘assaulted’ around the neck and forced off the plane by the Delta captain (assuming that he was the last onboard, although in another tweet he mentions that he was also yelled at in front of other passengers by the Delta team member.

Police were called by the airline and spoke to the Delta team before confronting the passenger. The passenger went on to suggest the response was overkill with four or five officers present for a simple assault claim, and he was profiled by the police. No representative of Delta approached Mr. Beydoun during this incident. The passenger is still waiting for a reply from Delta services.

You can read more on the passengers twitter here. As this situation is still developing, additional facts may come to light that would change the present narrative.

What has been the response?

From his many twitter followers, there has been a flood of responses

However, other commentators have been less than supportive.

And some have seen some light in the issue

Regardless, if a crew member has really assaulted a passenger then no matter the situation that is not okay.

At the time of publishing, Delta has been contacted for comment.

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