You Can Now Own Part Of The First Airbus A380 To Be Retired

Late last year we reported on the first-ever Airbus A380 being scrapped. The aircraft in question had been the first one to operate commercially, having been delivered to Singapore Airlines in 2007. However, the aircraft won’t just be left to rot. In fact, you could own a piece of its fuselage thanks to Aviationtag.

Airbus A380, For Sale, Retired
You can now own a part of the first Airbus A380 to have been retired. Photo: Aviationtag

Since it entered service with Singapore Airlines in 2007, the Airbus A380 has gone on to become an icon of the aviation industry. However, despite the type’s first flight occurring less than 15 years ago, the first of the aircraft are already being scrapped, as the photo above attests.

Upcycled to another life

Thankfully for the aircraft and aviation enthusiasts alike, some of the fuselage has been saved. Rather than being left as scrap or turned into cans of soda, Aviationtag is working to upcycle and sell part of the fuselage.

The company, which is based in Cologne, Germany, has turned the aircraft into a series of keyrings. 7,000 have been made from the aircraft. What’s better, they are on sale at for just €27.95. This is a real bargain compared to the cost of buying an Airbus A380!

Airbus A380, Aviationtag, Retired
Aviationtag has turned a portion of the fuselage into 7,000 limited edition key rings. Photo: Aviationtag

Intrigued about this second life for the Airbus A380, Simple Flying approached Aviationtag. Their Vice President Tobias Richter told us:

“We always have mixed emotions. On the one hand, it is terribly sad to see this era come to an end after only 10 years. On the other hand, we are happy that we succeeded in preserving a part of this iconic aircraft for all aviation fans.”

About the aircraft

The first Airbus A380 to enter service was also the first to be retired. Registered as 9V-SKA during its time in service, the Airbus A380 has the manufacturer’s serial number 003.

Airbus A380, Aviationtag, Retired
The aircraft was the first Airbus A380 to be delivered, seen here departing for its first flight to Singapore. Photo: Getty Images

The aircraft initially took its first flight on the 7th of May 2006. Following its testing and verification, it was delivered to Singapore Airlines on the 15th of October 2007. However, the aircraft spent just over ten years in service, being returned to the lessor on the 5th of December 2017. Here it was broken up with most of the major parts being removed for spares.

While being the first retirement of the Airbus A380, this obviously won’t be the last. While at least one of the aircraft has been saved by wet-lease specialist Hi Fly, Air France recently retired its first Airbus A380. Unfortunately, airlines are increasingly turning to smaller twin engines due to their efficiency and a greater demand for point to point travel. Perhaps we could one day see another Airbus A380 offered through Aviationtag’s upcycling process.

Would you want to own a part of an Airbus A380’s fuselage? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!