Why We’re Excited For The Paris Air Show

It’s almost that time again. After nearly two years of waiting, the International Paris Airshow is now a little under a month away. Now, while the Simple Flying team is excited about any aviation event, the Paris Air Show is in a whole category of its own. We expect exciting announcements from both Airbus and Boeing and much more besides. Here’s why we’re looking forward to PAS this year.

The Airbus A380 has been a crowd pleaser at previous airshows. Photo: Tom Boon – Simple Flying

World’s largest airshow

Let’s start simple. The Paris airshow is a bi-annual event taking place at Paris’ Le Bourget Airport. The event dates all the way back to 1908 when the Paris Motor Show had a dedicated aviation section. The first standalone Paris Air Show took place a year later in 1909.

Fast forward more than a century and the Paris Air Show is now the world’s largest aviation industry event. In second place is the Farnborough Airshow which happens during the alternating years. This year’s air show will take place from the 17th to the 23rd of June. The Simple Flying team will be attending to ensure you are kept up to date.

Paris Air show
The Paris Airshow is the world’s largest industry oriented airshow. Photo via Wikimedia

Boeing 797?

An airshow is a great time for aerospace announcements, and as the largest airshow in the world, the Paris Air Show gets some of the largest announcements. Indeed, Simple Flying is expecting to report on a huge announcement at the airshow this year.

For a while, we’ve known that Boeing is working to release a new aircraft, informally known as the 797. According to Airliner Watch, Boeing is set to announce this new aircraft at this year’s airshow. For more about the Boeing 797, check out our article here!

Boeing Air show
Boeing used the 2017 Airshow to announce the 737 MAX 10. Photo: Boeing

Aircraft orders

Airshows are also a place where some of the largest aircraft orders are placed. While Boeing received zero orders in April, it is expected that some big orders will be placed for both Airbus and Boeing during the Paris Air Show.

At last year’s Farnborough Airshow, some of the more notable orders included:

  • Moxy‘s A220 order for 60 aircraft;
  • Vietjet buying 50 A321neos worth $6.5 billion;
  • Starlux signed a memorandum of understanding for 17 A350;
  • Jet Airways ordered 75 Boeing 737 MAX aircraft.

We’re looking forward to seeing who’s ordering what at PAS this year.

Aircraft photography

Airshows are great places for those looking to photograph aircraft, especially the Paris Air Show. They play host to a huge concentration of interesting aircraft all in one place. For example, other than an airshow, where else would you see an Airbus A350 flying in formation with the Red Arrows?

Boeing Paris Airshow
Airshows are great places to see interesting and unique aircraft. Photo: Tom Boon – Simple Flying

Aviation merch

Finally, where better a place to find cool aviation merch than an airshow? One of my favourite Airbus t-shirts was bought at an airshow, while free pens are almost a given at industry events.

Will you be attending the 2019 Paris Air Show? Let us know in the comments! The Simple Flying team will be at the show. If you spot us, stop and say hi!