Passenger Berated By Cabin Crew For Taking Over Their Job

A frequent flyer angered the cabin crew when she started serving drinks and snacks during a flight. The passenger was flying on a Bombardier CRJ-900, causing speculation that they were on an American Eagle aircraft.

American Eagle CRJ
An American Eagle Bombardier CRJ-900. Photo: Xavier 13081 via Wikimedia Commons

Couldn’t wait any longer

American Eagle services are often operated by other firms. Therefore, it is likely that this flight was operated by Mesa or PSA. View from the Wing reports that during one of these flights, one of the passengers wasn’t impressed with the way the flight attendant was serving.

The customer claimed that on one of their flights earlier this year, the attendant did one round of serving drinks and then placed a basket of snacks on a closet in front of seat 1A. Allegedly, she didn’t offer the snacks behind the first three rows of first-class. She then stopped handing out food and beverages altogether.

This annoyed the customer, who had started to become thirsty. Therefore, rather than waiting around for a drink that might not come for the rest of the journey, they decided to take ownership of the situation. After half an hour, the passenger went up to the galley and helped themselves to a beverage refill.

Passenger Berated By Cabin Crew For Taking Over Their Job
A passenger took on a new role earlier this week, which annoyed the crew onboard the aircraft. Photo: Hawaiian Airlines

Present-day Robin Hood

However, the self-service soon turned into selfless service as the flier started to offer refills to the rest of the cabin. After the drinks were given, they passed around the aforementioned snack basket. At first, the passenger offered the products to those in first class but they soon started making their way to those in the economy.

Although, soon after progressing through to the third row, the flight attendant came running. She was furious and told the person that they aren’t allowed to do what they were doing.

American Eagle CRJ
American Eagle is the branding used for some of American Airlines’ regional services. Photo: ERIC SALARD via Flickr

Turbulent task

Even though the passenger probably didn’t think it was a big deal and nobody was hurt, it is important to let employees handle these tasks. Some airlines are more lenient than others as cabin crew could be willing to take things further when passengers step out of line. Along with this, there are particular situations that the cabin crew is trained to deal with, which could arise unexpectedly.

Earlier this year, an American Airlines flight attendant spilled a drinks tray during a flight from Phoenix to Dallas. Luckily, it didn’t spill on any paying customers. However, it did spill all over herself and one VIP. The sparkling water and JD & Cokes landed on the airline’s CEO Doug Parker.

Simple Flying reached out to American Airlines for more information about the incident. An American Airlines spokesperson clarified that the events reference a post from September but there are no flight specifics to reference on.

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