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PF changs at LAX

For users of the popular Priority Pass, good news is afoot. If you’re a fan of P.F. Chang’s, you can now dine for free at LAX, if you have the right privileges in place. The offer for PF Changs LAX Priority Pass visitors allows a spend of $30 per person, for you and as many guests as you are entitled to take in.

Right now, even paying for a guest to access PF Changs LAX on your priority pass would mean you were $3 up, as the guest access is currently $27. However, from next month onwards the Priority Pass is due to increase its per visit price by $5, which means you’d be $2 down if you paid for your visit.

For holders of a current priority pass Los Angeles is one of the best places to get maximum value out of your membership. At the Tom Bradley Terminal, where PF Changs LAX is situated, you’ll also find the KAL Lounge which has showers, Wi-Fi, refreshments and comfy seating. The other terminals at LAX have a variety of lounges and clubhouses available too.

The T’s and C’s you need to know

According to the Priority Pass Los Angeles website, there are some terms to consider if you’re planning to use your PF Changs access anytime soon:

  • Your $30 can be used for food and drinks and is per person; any spend over this amount needs to be paid for
  • You must show a valid Priority Pass card as well as your boarding pass, showing same-day international travel
  • You must show your pass before you place your order, otherwise you may have to pay for your meal
  • Up to two guests can be registered per visit, each receiving a $30 deduction from their bill; any further guests will be charged at full price
  • You are expected to pay gratuity on the amount you have spent; remaining balance from your Priority Pass credit cannot be used for this
  • The restaurant has the right to refuse entry if they are full

There’s no mention of whether you need to be waiting for a departure, or if you can visit on arrival too. They also don’t state whether you are allowed just one visit or if you can come back a second time for a further $30 credit.

PF Changs food
Well known for Asian inspired dishes, PF Changs in the place to get your chopsticks on

According to an assistant manager at Timberline Grille, they do allow a second visit to their eateries after a two hour window has passed. So, if you have a long layover and are a massive fan of PF Changs LAX your Priority Pass might be able to get you in twice (or more) while you’re waiting to take off. However, you should probably check with the individual operator to ensure they have the same rules as Timberline.

What is Priority Pass?

As you probably know, the Priority Pass is a well-loved membership programme which allows cardholders access to a variety of lounges, bars and restaurants in airports all over the world. In total, the Pass works in more than 1,000 lounges worldwide, with 60 located in the US.

In the States, most Priority Pass holders have acquired their card for free when they signed up to a credit card deal. However, some individuals do pay for their Priority Pass, which can cost as much as $399 a year.

priority pass
Priority Pass can be bought at a cost of up to $399 a year… or got for free with a credit card deal

The cost of using a Priority Pass varies depending on the level of membership you have. A standard pass, which costs $99 per year, allows you access to the lounges, but you have to pay $27 per visit. The fee to take a guest is the same. Standard Plus, which will cost you $249 a year, means you get 10 free visits, but your guest always has to pay $27.

The one to really go for is the Prestige pass, which costs $399 a year but gives the holder unlimited access. Guests are still charged at $27 per visit, unless you get it as part of a credit card deal. Taking the Priority Pass along with Amex Platinum, Chase Sapphire Reserve Card or the Starwood American Express Luxury Card will give you not only unlimited free visits yourself, but also free admission for up to two guests every time you visit.

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