Philippine Airlines To Serve Perth Non-Stop From Manila

Philippine Airlines is set to open a new route, non-stop from Manila to Perth! The route will be the first time that the two cities are joined together.

Philippine Airlines
The new Philippine Airlines A321neo will service the route four times a week. Photo: Philippine Airlines

What are the route details?

GC Maps
The new route will link the two cities together. Photo: GC Maps

The new route will open in March 2020 and will operate four times a week. It is believed that Philippine Airlines will use an Airbus A321neo to operate the route.

The flight will operate on this specific frequency:


Departure Manila from at 00.05, arriving (flying overnight) at Perth at 07:20. The return trip leaves Perth at 08:40 and arrives back in Manila at 15:50. As the two cities are roughly in the same timezone (and the route flies North to South) there should be very little jetlag.


The aircraft will be laid out with 12 seats in business class (in a 2-2 configuration with no direct aisle access) with 78 inches of pitch in lie-flat mode (not bad for the flight down south).

Philippine Airlines
Business class on the new A321neo. Photo: Philippine Airlines

The economy cabin is in a 3-3 configuration with 32 inches of pitch, which is a little tight for an international flight.

Philippine Airlines
Economy class onboard the A321neo. Photo: Philippine Airlines

Tourism and students

Speaking to Airline Ratings, Tourism Minister Paul Papalia mentioned that this would be a win for the region as tourism and student numbers are set to expand on the sunburnt continent (Australia has over 800,000 students studying in the country, mostly from Asian nations).

“International education is important for the tourism industry because each international student attracts 1.5 visiting friends and relatives from overseas annually. The flights have the potential to increase the attraction of WA as a study destination for Filipino students,” said Mr Papalia.

“Direct flights such as this help to position WA as Australia’s western gateway, whereby visitors can start their Australian adventure in Perth and go on to explore our many wonderful regions.”

Photo: Philippine Airlines

Perth Airport is set to win

In the same release, Perth Chief Executive Officer Kevin Brown mentioned how the Philippines is a key market for the airport.

“We had already been able to add around 400,000 seats of capacity into Perth over the past 12 months from our key Asian markets.” Continued Mr. Brown in the same interview “We think the direct service has the potential to tip the numbers even more in favor of in-bound passengers which will be great for tourism and hospitality and the international education market”

But this is not only inbound tourism but also Australian’s looking for new holiday destinations.

“With more than 7,000 islands and amazing beaches on offer, the Philippines is also an attractive holiday destination for West Australians, with 20,000 people visiting last year.”

This is also another major win for Perth Airport, which seems to be going from strength to strength. They already have direct routes to London (the only route in the world to link Australia and Europe without a stopover) and there have been rumors in the past of linking South America to the airport. 

What do you think about this new route? Let us know in the comments.


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wow this awesome news as im planning a trip to the phillipines in the next year


32 inches of pitch, a little tight for international flights ? Almost all of Qantas wide bodys has 31 inches of pitch, it’s only the 787 who has 32 inches of pitch.
Today I would say that 32 inches of pitch in economy is the average on international flights.


Have to agree. The A320neo seat is probably wider than a 787 seat too , making the 787 a very uncomfortable option for a ultra long haul flight in economy .


much better if PAL has a stop over in cebu or kalibo since most aussie passengers visit philippines are on vacation (either cebu or boracay)

Rick Hawthorne

An interesting move that might just pay off and open up opportunities for West Australian travellers to reach the Philippines and even HKG or Japan far easier. ‘Roughly the same time zone’, Perth and Manila are exactly the same time regardless of the Eastern Daylight Savings variations. The 321neo is reasonably comfortable but it’s still a little over 7 hours in a narrow body plane. Not sure if CASA will approve the aircraft use based on the need to have a couple of hours of additional fuel capacity in case of delays or diversions. Even being a 24 hour airport,… Read more »


I’ve tried to book on the site but none available


Shouldn’t be a problem re CASA and the A321 Neo for PER-MNL. It has a range of 7400 km. PER-MNL is roughly 5210 Km so plenty of fuel and plenty of alternate airports on the journey in an emergency (Darwin, Jakarta, Kota Kinabalu, Davao, Cebu etc. It not spending too long over water. SYD-MNL is an extra 1063km at 6273 km which may have caused problems with the 321Neo