Icelandic Startup PLAY Reveals Its New Casual Crew Uniforms

There are many ways an airline can display its brand and identity. This can range from aircraft liveries to cabin design, and of course, with crew uniforms. With this in mind, Icelandic startup carrier PLAY has revealed what its cabin crew members will be wearing once the airline begins service later this month.

Icelandic Startup PLAY Reveals Its New Casual Crew Uniforms
PLAY will begin operations with its inaugural service from Keflavik airport to London Stansted, on June 24th. Photo: PLAY

“Forget running around in high heels – comfortable sneakers are the way to go. Instructions regarding hair, make up, tattoos and nail polish are gone. The uniforms are not gender specific, and our crew can pick whatever works for them from a varied selection of outfits. As if that wasn’t enough, they also manage to look simply amazing!” -PLAY

A new era of cabin crew uniforms

“It’s safe to say that PLAY’s new uniforms belong to a new era of cabin crew uniforms,” the airline notes in an official statement. The airline says that its uniforms were designed by Icelandic designer couple Gunni Hilmars and Kolla, “who were keen to tackle a fresh take on what is usually a very traditional line of clothing.”

PLAY says that the uniforms encompass its core values: Simplicity, playfulness, competitiveness, equality, and on-time performance- which is a lot to say with a few layers of fabric. We’re not sure how “on-time performance” is reflected in these bold red uniforms, though. But what do you think?

Icelandic Startup PLAY Reveals Its New Casual Crew Uniforms
The airline is looking to break ‘tradition’ and step outside conventional airline uniforms. Photo: PLAY

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Relaxed and comfortable

Jónína Guðmundsdóttir, Chief People Officer of PLAY, says that it was “really satisfying” to see how well the designers integrated the concept that was communicated by the airline. “We had certain ideas about the clothing and how it should represent and work with our brand, and the results are just amazing,” Guðmundsdóttir notes.

Uniform designers Gunni Hilmars and Kolla said that they were honored to work with the airline on these uniforms. Elaborating on their vision, this is what the couple had to say:

“We really wanted to throw out all those old ideas about airline uniforms and bring in more comfort. We tried to scrap the constrictive rules often associated with these uniforms and include relaxed fits, stretchy fabrics and of course, shoes meant for working on your feet! The result is a mix of active wear and a fresh uniform.” -Gunni Hilmars and Kolla, Uniform designers

Icelandic Startup PLAY Reveals Its New Casual Crew Uniforms
Comfort was top of mind for the designers when putting together the airline’s new look. Photo: PLAY

Reminiscent of another European carrier

While the majority of airline uniforms tend to be on the ‘formal’ side, there was one airline that had a look similar to PLAY.

That carrier was Air France’s subbrand, Joon. While the millennial-oriented carrier has since been reabsorbed back into the Air France identity, its short time in operations saw its cabin crew members outfitted in a more casual and relaxed look, complete with white sneakers and polo shirts.

Icelandic Startup PLAY Reveals Its New Casual Crew Uniforms
The casual look of PLAY’s uniforms is reminiscent of those from Air France brand Joon. Photo: Joon/Air France

The uniforms for the new Icelandic startup do seem to match the airline’s brand and identity. After all, with the airline being named PLAY, one should expect to see something fun and, well, playful.

It’s almost guaranteed that the airline’s cabin crew members will appreciate the design, as a comfortable outfit will go a long way on those longer duty periods.

What do you think of these uniforms? Let us know in the comments.