PLAY to Launch Airbus A321neo Flights To London Stansted In June

PLAY is nearly a month away from commencing its first-ever flights. Ahead of the big day, the CEO of the Icelandic low-cost carrier, Birgir Jónsson, shared with Simple Flying that his company will launch services to London Stansted with an Airbus A321neo on June 24th.

PLAY Airline
With Iceland on the United Kingdom’s green travel list, launching to Stansted could prove valuable for PLAY. Photo: PLAY Airline

A fitting choice

Stansted is a tried and tested airport when it comes to low-cost operations. Serving London and the East of England, the Essex-based airport is a hub and focus airport for the likes of Ryanair, Jet2, and TUI.

So, PLAY will be in good company when it launches operations here next month. Jónsson is excited about the move, sharing the following with Simple Flying this weekend:

“Well, I mean in terms of the UK, we’re going to Stansted. That’s a low-cost airport, and it has worked well in the past. The Icelandic passengers know it and it works well.”

PLAY Airline Birgir Jonsson
Jonsson spoke with Simple Flying about the airline’s launch plans. Photo: PLAY Airline

Across the continent

PLAY is launching its ticket booking service later this month. Across Europe, the airline will also be flying to Copenhagen, which is also naturally a strong destination for Iceland.

Moreover, the carrier is heading to the usual suspects such as Berlin, Paris, Amsterdam, and Barcelona. Hotspots such as Alicante and Tenerife are also on the cards. Jónsson highlights that the network will be quite traditional, to begin with.

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Nonetheless, the carrier has its sights on the United States East Coast next year. The airline’s A321neos will perform well to the likes of Boston, Baltimore, New York, and Montreal.

The aircraft are already on their way. PLAY is expecting three A321neos to be delivered this summer, ready to serve passengers in this next chapter.

Jónsson adds:

“It is going to be painted so we will receive it here in Iceland during the first days of June, to be ready for the first inaugural flight on the 24th. Then, we will have a second one in early July, and the third around the middle of July.”

With a range of up to 4,000 NM / 7,400 km, the A321neo is a great fit for PLAY’s plans. Photo: Airbus

The right approach

Altogether, even though the Icelandic population and those in the areas that PLAY will serve are familiar with these routes, presently, there is a lack of low-cost options. WOW air was a great option for much of the last decade before it ceased operations in 2019. So, PLAY has an opportunity to fill the void.

Jónsson explains that there will be similarities, but PLAY won’t stray away from its low-cost model. For instance, WOW started to deploy A330s to distant destinations such as Los Angeles and Delhi. However, PLAY will focus on its core markets and stick to the basics to ensure that it can offer competitive prices.

What are your thoughts about PLAY’s launch plans for this summer? Are you looking to fly with the airline this year? Let us know what you think of the carrier and its plans in the comment section.