Airbus A350 Startup PRAGUSA.ONE Reveals Launch Plans And Livery

PRAGUSA.ONE, the A350 startup in the making, is planning to launch operations next month with leased Airbus A330 and A340 aircraft ahead of the arrival of two A350s. The intention is for flights from Dubrovnik to New York EWR to start on Monday 21st June 2021 and from Dubrovnik to Los Angeles to start on Tuesday 22nd June. But tickets are not on sale yet.

Pragusa.One A330
PRAGUSA.ONE plans to start flying with a leased A330 and A340 aircraft before the A350s arrive. Photo: PRAGUSA.ONE

PRAGUSA.ONE readies for launch

PRAGUSA.ONE, the UK company that is applying for an Air Operator Certificate in Croatia to launch a network of long-haul flights out of Dubrovnik (DBV) and Prague (PRG), is getting ready to start flying.

The company plans to lease an Airbus A330-300 aircraft (281 seats) to compete directly against United Airlines on the following route starting Monday 21st June 2021:

  • Dubrovnik to New York (EWR) on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays

PRAGUSA.ONE also plans to lease an Airbus A340-300 aircraft (263 seats) to operate the following route starting Tuesday 22nd June 2021:

  • Dubrovnik to Los Angeles (LAX) on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays

The company plans to operate both of these routes with Airbus A350s in Premium-only configuration once the aircraft arrive in its fleet.

United Boeing 767
PRAGUSA.ONE will compete directly against United on the route from Dubrovnik to New York EWR. Photo: Vincenzo Pace | Simple Flying

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PRAGUSA.ONE is starting slowly

When we first reported on PRAGUSA.ONE, the company was intending to launch an airline that would serve a network of eight long-haul destinations from Prague and Dubrovnik. The plan was for these destinations to be:

New York (EWR), Tokyo (NRT), Beijing (PEK), Los Angeles (LAX), Singapore (SIN), Johannesburg (JNB), Chengdu (CTU), and Kuala Lumpur (KUL).  

In the long run, the company intends to launch flights to all these airports with an Airbus A350 aircraft that it plans to acquire new from Airbus. Negotiations for the A350s have already been underway for a while.

However, in the meantime, the company is launching an interim network of just these two routes to New York and Los Angeles. The ongoing travel restrictions and the uncertainty in the long-haul market are hampering any further expansion plans.

Airbus A350 Startup PRAGUSA.ONE Reveals Launch Plans And Livery
The company plans to operate flights to eight international destinations. Photo: PRAGUSA.ONE

USA to Croatia routes will launch first

Revealing the launch details exclusively to Simple Flying, the managing director of PRAGUSA.ONE, Krešimir Budinski, said:

“We worked hard since summer 2020 to create this unique product for avid travelers that are ready and steady to fly abroad. Point-to-point flight operations bundled with a full travel package and premium in-flight service are key success factors for the ultimate travel experience in the future. The US market represents one of the focus markets for PRAGUSA.ONE.”

PRAGUSA.ONE’s intention to focus on point-to-point travelers from the USA to Croatia is the same strategy that United adopted with its recent new route announcements that also included New York EWR to Dubrovnik flights.

There is great anticipation that this summer will see the return of large-scale travel between North America and the European holiday spots. Will PRAGUSA.ONE capitalize on the demand?

What do you think of PRAGUSA.ONE’s plans to launch its network slowly? Let us know in the comments below.