Prince Harry Flies On 16 Minute WestJet Turboprop Flight

Prince Harry jumped onboard a WestJet Dash 8 turboprop to get from Vancouver to Victoria, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, as the prince starts a new life in Canada.

WestJet Dash 8. Photo: WestJet

What are the details?

If there is one thing you don’t expect to see on a commuter regional flight in BC, it is an English Prince. Prince Harry, brother of Prince William and grandson of the Queen of England, has decided to move with his wife to Canada. I won’t get into the specific reasons why he decided to move away from royal life but will cover the means of which he did so.

According to The Points Guy, Prince Harry first departed onboard a British Airways Boeing 747, flight BA85 from London Heathrow to Vancouver. It has not been reported what class he sat in, but it would be very surprising if he flew in anything but First Class.

Once he arrived in Vancouver, his entourage paved the way for the Prince to jump onboard his connecting flight, a WestJet Dash 8 turboprop. The plane flew south towards Seattle before turning west to land at Victoria Airport on Vancouver Island.

The airline offers multiple services a day between the two airports, and the flight itself only took approx 35 minutes gate to gate. There is a ferry that links the island to the mainland, but many passengers choose to fly to save time. Air Canada and other smaller airlines offer regular services for around the $200 USD mark.

WestJet does not have any premium seating onboard their Dash 8 aircraft, and likely the VIP could be sitting in a standard economy seat with 30 inches of pitch. Let’s hope that the flight crew gave him an extra pillow.

What has been the public reaction?

Naturally, having someone who is literally royalty fly a commute flight has had the internet abuzz with activity, with some arguing that they should not get any special treatment and others gushing over the fact that they are ‘just-like-us’.

Huffington Post reached out to WestJet to see if they knew how the Royal Prince thought about his flight.

“As Canada’s favorite airline, WestJet is pleased to welcome all guests onboard. For privacy reasons, we are unable to confirm details for any of our guests.”

But it seems that by choosing WestJet, the Prince has inevitably chosen a side in the great Air Canada vs WestJet debate.

Although it is not clear if Prince Harry actually flew in standard economy surrounded by 77 other passengers, or if WestJet provided a private flight for him and his entourage.

The eventual plan for himself, his wife and newborn, is to start a new life in Vancouver, although we like to think that the charming island city of Victoria may ensnare their hearts yet.

Considering WestJet offers flights from Halifax to Manchester, you do have to wonder why the Prince decided to change airline halfway on his trip when he could have just flown WestJet the whole way on their Boeing 737-700.

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