Prince Harry Flies On 16 Minute WestJet Turboprop Flight

Prince Harry jumped onboard a WestJet Dash 8 turboprop to get from Vancouver to Victoria, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, as the prince starts a new life in Canada.

WestJet Dash 8. Photo: WestJet

What are the details?

If there is one thing you don’t expect to see on a commuter regional flight in BC, it is an English Prince. Prince Harry, brother of Prince William and grandson of the Queen of England, has decided to move with his wife to Canada. I won’t get into the specific reasons why he decided to move away from royal life but will cover the means of which he did so.

According to The Points Guy, Prince Harry first departed onboard a British Airways Boeing 747, flight BA85 from London Heathrow to Vancouver. It has not been reported what class he sat in, but it would be very surprising if he flew in anything but First Class.


Once he arrived in Vancouver, his entourage paved the way for the Prince to jump onboard his connecting flight, a WestJet Dash 8 turboprop. The plane flew south towards Seattle before turning west to land at Victoria Airport on Vancouver Island.


The airline offers multiple services a day between the two airports, and the flight itself only took approx 35 minutes gate to gate. There is a ferry that links the island to the mainland, but many passengers choose to fly to save time. Air Canada and other smaller airlines offer regular services for around the $200 USD mark.

WestJet does not have any premium seating onboard their Dash 8 aircraft, and likely the VIP could be sitting in a standard economy seat with 30 inches of pitch. Let’s hope that the flight crew gave him an extra pillow.

What has been the public reaction?

Naturally, having someone who is literally royalty fly a commute flight has had the internet abuzz with activity, with some arguing that they should not get any special treatment and others gushing over the fact that they are ‘just-like-us’.

Huffington Post reached out to WestJet to see if they knew how the Royal Prince thought about his flight.

“As Canada’s favorite airline, WestJet is pleased to welcome all guests onboard. For privacy reasons, we are unable to confirm details for any of our guests.”

But it seems that by choosing WestJet, the Prince has inevitably chosen a side in the great Air Canada vs WestJet debate.

Although it is not clear if Prince Harry actually flew in standard economy surrounded by 77 other passengers, or if WestJet provided a private flight for him and his entourage.

The eventual plan for himself, his wife and newborn, is to start a new life in Vancouver, although we like to think that the charming island city of Victoria may ensnare their hearts yet.

Considering WestJet offers flights from Halifax to Manchester, you do have to wonder why the Prince decided to change airline halfway on his trip when he could have just flown WestJet the whole way on their Boeing 737-700.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments


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Frits Burghardt

What is all the swooning about? Harry is in Canada as a private individual, not on official business representing the UK, so why can’t he travel on regular public transport if it’s convenient? From now on he is not even a working royal anymore, mainly because of the constant public attention. I would say, leave him be.

Steve Woods

Sometimes actions speak louder than words. Harry and Meghan have indicated that they want to live a “normal” life and flying commercial (albeit with some security considerations attached)is a good place to start.
Let’s hope Canadian media respect their wishes and not harangue them to smithereens as the British media did.

David C.

Not worried about the Canadian media, its the international Paparazzi all flocking to Vancouver island that is starting to be a pain. They are going to soon run afoul of Canadian privacy laws, which are much more restrictive than in the UK and the USA. “In the public’s interest” does not count as a reason to invade privacy in Canada and I bet the first few news outlets who publish information/photos about the couple will find that out firsthand. I am quite happy with that being the result. They want to live private lives, they should be able to. Besides,… Read more »

Just Me

“If there is one thing you don’t expect to see on a commuter regional flight in rural BC, it is an English Prince”.

“Rural” BC? Yes British Columbia does have alot of rural areas, in fact most of it is. However, Prince Harry boarded this aircraft in VANCOUVER en route to VICTORIA…..hardly rural areas! (Just sayin’….)


It’s not “rural BC”, get your facts right. The plane was flying between Vancouver (BC’s largest city) and Victoria (BC’s Capital city).

Leonidas Lainis

Why not King Leonidas the 60th of Sparta is flying WestJet for years after being a Super Elite member with Air Canada they black listed me & took my Status away because I left a letter of complaints in the Air Canada lounge!!
So I started flying with WestJet & they are rightful the # 1 airline in Canada since I started flying with them in 2017 they only have been improving the service I have Platinum Status with WestJet & I am super pleased with the Airline. Definitely Royal worthy!! 😊👍

Kathy Findlay

I think we should leave then alone

Gerry S

Canadian media is a whole lot less concerned about paparazzi stuff than UK or US media. My guess is that the Princes neighbours will have his back and protect his celebrity much like New Yorkers protect their celebrities from paparazzi. I once witnessed a whole lot of New Yorkers taking on the paparazzi who were "harrassing" their hometown girl, actress Drew Barrymore. They surrouded her and acted like bodyguards all the while yelling at the paparazzi with really filthy names. Drew was then able to make her way down the street. I 💘 NY.


It wasn’t a Dash 8, it was a Bombardier Q400. At least that’s what it said on the side of the plane when he arrived. Also, it’s spelled British ColUmbia, not Colombia like the country.

Andrew Dunsmore

Leave him alone. This should be a non-story.

Susan Kent

Why on earth would he go all the way up to Manchester to catch Westjet to Halifax, necessitating a change of flights, when he could get a flight from London Gatwick right into Vancouver?


Seeing as Man-YHZ is still 5 months from taking off…that is one good reason to fly non-stop to YVR I suppose!


Gat-YHZ would have also been a better option in this case…but again…a few months from take off there as well

Craig Cook

I don’t know what the big deal is. I make a hop from Vancouver to Victoria on WestJet all the time….unless I am on an air Canada flight that bypasses Vancouver and goes right to Victoria. His initial flight simply only went as far as Van……and he just did the WestJet dash hop to Vic..


It’s Harry’s world and we’re just living in it.


Having flown on a Q400 a few times, I don’t see what all the fuss is about. It’s a pleasant aircraft to fly on and, if we’re honest, it’s the company of those around you as much as the aircraft itself who can make the best aircraft journey into a chore!

Timothy Parker

“If there is one thing you don’t expect to see on a commuter regional flight in rural BC, it is an English Prince.” RURAL BC,eh? You really don’t have a clue, do you?


Disgusted with their behavior wish they would just disappear


Why, do you know them personally..

Ben Lermer

BA and WestJet have a codeshare agreement, so it’s likely that Prince Harry bought a ticket on BA from London to Victoria, with the last leg being operated by WestJet Encore. And why would he choose to connect through Halifax and then Toronto when he can go direct to YVR on BA.

Bryan Kelly

I’m so pleased to have prince harry and his family too gods country. We all know where gods country is. Yes it’s Canada It’s not every day when we have Royals choosing to live in our country Sure they could have picked the u.s. But there’s something about Canada that has people choose our count Megan does have permanent resident here in Canada Does have a working visa. Plus prince harry really has no problem here compared too the u.s. Specially with the people. When you look at it. It’s more relaxing and not having the people bothering them with… Read more »

Ghytr huytg

Not exactly “rural” BC. Vancouver is 3rd largest metro in Canada and Victoria is BC Capital.


I agree they just want to be left alone to raise a family. But I was reading the paparazzi are here in stop me if I’m wrong they are paid photographers working for tabloid magazines earning money now isn’t that illegal without a working Visa.cant the airports say sorry you can’t work in canada. They should be able to detain them and send the paparazzi back legally and give them the privacy they are after from the paparazzi.


I agree give them privacy. But to get rid of the paparazzi they are all working here without a working legally you can send them packing . Then the happy couple will have their privacy


So that’s the closest airport. Thanks. We really needed to know that.


Wait, what?

“Considering WestJet offers flights from Halifax to Manchester, you do have to wonder why the Prince decided to change airline halfway on his trip when he could have just flown WestJet the whole way on their Boeing 737-700.”

Does the author not know the distances we’re talking about? There isn’t a person alive who would prefer to fly multiple long legs on a smaller 737 versus a single 747 flight in First Class, followed by a few minutes on a Q400. Harry’s route was both faster and more comfortable.

Timbo Slice

Let us get this straight now. HE IS NO LONGER A PRINCE. He is merely a Duke. I believe Elton John holds this title as well.


Poor guy! Who cares? People need to leave him alone…go and enjoy the fresh air and not what mode of transport prince harry flew! Lol…🙄

Joanna Fortuna-Queiroz

I think it’s a publicity stunt, not to mention he could have opted for a ferry but again decided to save the climate by flying ROFL


Just a small correction, we do not fly to Manchester from Halifax as of yet. We do however fly to London Gatwick.


Why is YHZ even in the conversation? All our Trans Atlantic routes sadly right now are summer sched only…and airlines are still on winter sched.