The Crown: Princess Diana’s Vienna Concorde Flight Gets Recreated

The Crown has been praised for depicting the drama of the royal family since its launch four years ago. The show is set to touch on some additional exciting aspects of the family in its future seasons, including Princess Diana’s Concorde flights. Let’s take a look at these famous trips with the legendary aircraft.

Princess Diana Concorde
Princess Diana took several flights on Concorde aircraft. Photo: Getty Images

A fan of the jet

According to Yahoo, actress Emma Corrin was photographed while playing Diana with a Concorde plane. During her life, the princess took several flights with the supersonic jet.

Diana often flew solo, such as when she crossed the Atlantic to New York City in 1989. However, Diana’s most famous trips were with Prince Charles, including the couple’s spring 1986 trip to Vienna, Austria. This short-haul journey from London Heathrow was for “British Week.”

According to Biography, on April 14th, British Airways Chairman Lord King and British Airports Authority’s Norman Payne personally welcomes Diana. She was spotted in a reddish striped outfit designed by Catherine Walker, on the tarmac before she walked up the stairwell to board the British Airways Concorde. Despite the plane’s supersonic capabilities, Since the distance was relatively short. So, it remained at subsonic levels.

Princess Diana And Concorde
Princess Diana departing London Heathrow. Photo: Getty Images

Landing safely

There was a quick stop on the way to the Austrian capital to pick up Prince Charles. Notably, the royal family member was recovering from an injury on his left hand due to a gardening incident. The prince sustained a finger injury from a hammer, and the impact could still be seen on the flight.

Austrian president Rudolf Kirchschläger and the country’s military personnel welcomed Diana and Charles when they arrived. Altogether, there was a ramp-up in security following terrorist attacks that happened in the country and Rome in the preceding winter.

The royal visit lasted three nights, and the couple had a packed schedule across the city. After a busy trip, the pair headed back to London, where a famous shot of Diana was taken on board the Concorde. The princess was wearing an electric blue ensemble and was photographed by Tim Graham when she leaned over a seat.

Even though Concorde aircraft had 100 seats, there were no separate classes. Nonetheless, Diana would have been enjoying the luxurious amenities that came with the service of a Concorde flight.

Princess Diana On Concorde
An iconic snap of the princess. Photo: Getty Images

A time capsule

It was pouring with rain when the pair arrived back at London Heathrow. Regardless, they still managed to pose for photos with Concorde’s crew. One of the members was Captain Dave Leney.

This trip was one of several trips that Princess Diana took with Concorde aircraft. Her first official trip to New York in 1989 was with the jet. Notably, it was also the first official event that she took part in without Prince Charles.

Concorde Princess Diana
Just a couple of months before Diana’s traffic death in August 1997, she boarded a Concorde service to New York to meet with Mother Theresa. Photo: Getty Images

Altogether, these flights that the princess took with Concorde planes  now represent a unique time in history. They mark a bygone era that we look back on with nostalgia.

What are your thoughts about Princess Diana’s flights onboard Concorde aircraft? Did you also fly on the jet over the years? Let us know what you think of the plane in the comment section.