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In recent months if you follow what Priority Pass is doing, you would have been delighted with the number of restaurants the company was adding to its portfolio of lounges and restaurants. Sadly what goes up too quickly tends to have a habit of crashing back down to earth, and we can confirm that another recently added restaurant will be leaving Priority Pass.

Last month Campanile at LAX left Priority pass, and now Barney’s Beanery is on the way out. On a note on the Priority Pass Website, it states the restaurant will no longer be participating in the program effective November 30, 2018.

Why Are Restaurants Leaving

Neither Priority Pass or any of the restaurants that have quit the program have given any explanation to why the companies are parting companies. However, we can speculate at a few reasons.

  • Probably the most important is Priority Pass not settling its accounts quickly enough with restaurants compared to a credit card.
  • Customers not understanding that they don’t get everything for free like a lounge, and only receive a given amount (usually $28) off their bill, leading to scenes at the restaurants
  • Problems with customers not tipping waiting staff

Priority Pass Options

Even though a couple of restaurants have quit, the program is still highly valuable and convenient. Fortunately one of the best ways to get Priority Pass membership is through premium credit card enrollment, cards like the Chase Sapphire Reserve Cardprovide Priority Pass membership and let you bring in up to 2 guests with for free. When it comes to lounge Access once you have read more, you find out that The Platinum Card® from American Express is the king of lounge access cards, as well as providing a host of perks and benefits.

Final Thoughts

The idea of adding restaurants to a lounge network is great. You reduce overcrowding in lounges, provide your customers a better option and variety of foods (Priority Pass lounge food tends to be a little lacking, to say the least), and generally offer more to our clients. Sadly as happens quite often when companies expand very rapidly, things do not go smooth and bumps in the road appear, and this certainly seems to be the case with Priority Pass and Airport restaurants. Hopefully in the long run Priority Pass can sort its issues out and start to increase the rate of retention of restaurants it has signed up.

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