Now’s Your Chance To Buy A Private Boeing 747-8 Jet From Qatar

Boeing may be looking at ending the production of the 747 after over half a century. However, there’s no need to fear if you’re still looking to get your hands on a 747-8. Qatar Amiri Flight is selling one with a total flight time of just over 1,000 hours.

Qatar Royal Family, Boeing 747, Private Jet
This Boeing 747 private jet owned by Qatar is currently listed for sale. Photo: Getty Images

Now and again, we see lavish private jets listed for sale. In January, the prime minister of Mexico even touted raffling off his presidential plane, a Boeing 787. He then tried to sell it to Justin Trudeau. More recently, he has been seen flying in Delta’s economy cabin. It seems as though Qatar’s royal family has one private jet too many, however, as they have listed a 747-8 for sale.

What could you buy?

On offer is a Boeing 747 with very low flying time. Boeing delivered the aircraft on April 25th, 2012. The plane was empty at delivery and flew to Basel in November of that year to have its cabin fitted. It was then finally delivered to Doha on July 14th, 2015.

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The aircraft is currently registered as A7-HBJ, having previously been designated as A7-HBA. It has accumulated just 1,069 flight hours. For comparison, British Airways’ oldest Airbus A350 had clocked 2,849 hours as of June 24th. This aircraft was only delivered on July 25th, 2019.

Qatar Royal Family, Boeing 747, Private Jet
The 747 has two bedrooms (not pictured). Photo: Boeing

According to data from, the aircraft is currently in Doha, having last flown from London Stansted on November 30th. However, in its listing, the aircraft is listed as for sale in Zurich. Of course, as is often the case with such high-end products, the price is only available to seriously interested parties.

Two bedrooms

Owning the Qatar Amiri Flight Boeing 747-8 would be a dream for many an av geek. The aircraft could even be used as a two-bedroom house. The plane has a master bedroom, as well as a guest bedroom. Both rooms have an accompanying bathroom, while there are a further nine toilets elsewhere on the aircraft. According to pictures from the listing, the aircraft is decked out with a luxury golden interior.

The aircraft also has an area to seat passengers with 89 passenger seats and 14 cabin crew seats. The plane has five galleys, three on the main deck, and two on the upper floor (one for the crew). The aircraft is also equipped with some amenities that you wouldn’t expect to find on a commercial jet, such as 13 Bluray players, and eleven large televisions.

Qatar Royal Family, Boeing 747, Private Jet
Each bedroom comes equipped with a private bathroom (not pictured). Photo: Boeing

Not the first sale

It’s not the first time that the Qatar royal family has said goodbye to a private jet. In August 2018, another of its 747s was listed for sale. The aircraft had an ornate interior once again. However, it had a royal blue theme on the interior. After no buyer was found for the plane, it was gifted to the Turkish Government.

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