Inside Story: The Private Jet Widebodies Of Preference

When thinking about private jets, small narrowbodies often come to mind. However, large widebodies also have a significant presence in the market. Government officials, music bands, sports teams, and other VIP groups travel from destination to destination on these planes. Business aviation powerhouse Comlux helps with the facilitation of these aircraft. Simple Flying had the opportunity to speak with Comlux Aviation CEO Andrea Zanetto about which widebodies are the most prevalent in its network.

Comlux 767
There are some fantastic widebodies to choose from on the market, but is the Boeing 767 the ideal option for private jet customers? Photo: Comlux

Major players in the game

The Switzerland-based outfit is one of the world leaders in business aviation, transaction, and completion services. The company was founded in 2003 and has since been looking after VIP customers when it comes to the personal and professional management of their private aviation requirements. Factors that the group covers include aircraft operations and charter management, aircraft sales and acquisitions, interiors, maintenance, and upgrades.

787 Comlux
The Boeing 787 Dreamliner is a favorite among many airlines across the globe, so it won’t be a surprise to see it among the choices for business widebodies. Photo: Comlux

As the head of Comlux Aviation, Zanetto oversees the provision of exclusive aircraft operations and management services to VIPs from across the globe. Altogether, Comlux handles private jet aircraft needs from top to bottom. So, it definitely understands the requirements of the market.

Crystal Luxury Air Boeing 777-200ER
Comlux has aircraft types of all shapes and sizes in its well-outlined fleet to serve different market segments in the private aviation scene. Photo: Crystal Air Cruises via Comlux

What is the ideal widebody?

Regarding widebody business models, Comlux’s clients have been appreciating the qualities of the likes of the Boeing 767, Boeing 777, and Boeing 787. Zanetto explains that out of these jets, the 767 is the perfect size and the interior with its full-flat seating meets demands for a wide range of customers.

“It had been designed originally for governments, but it is also for royal families, private individuals traveling with guests, and corporations. So in fact, we have designed new features on the aircraft that allow us to use it in a more comfortable manner. So, the head of state room became a fantastic lounge where you can really relax and watch a movie with the family. There is even a nice luxury carpet to even enjoy with the kids. It’s basically home.” Zanetto told Simple Flying.

767 Bedroom Comlux
From the introduction of high-speed WiFi to the implementation of onboard iPads, Comlux has invested heavily in both technological and configurative innovations in its cabins. Photo: Comlux

Amid growing popularity, Comlux redesigned its 767 cabins. Between 20 and 50 passengers on board can reap these benefits.

“There is definitely no aircraft like this in commercial operation. So there is not even competition. So it’s pretty amazing now. I think that the 767 is the aircraft that has the perfect combination of size and the number of people that you can transfer through long-range operations. No business jet can do 15 hours of flying. Therefore, you can transport 15 people with very good comfort. They will be arriving rested and with a great experience of flying. I would say that this is a good combination.” Zanetto added.

767 Interior
Comlux’s Boeing BBJ 767-200ER can serve up to 50 passengers. Photo: Comlux

Even though the Boeing BBJ 767 offers the best balance, the 777 is also a popular choice for certain customers. Larger groups of people especially enjoy hitting the skies with the plane.

“Our 777 is for big groups, and we have been very successful so far with all the famous soccer teams, basketball teams, and golf players. They really want to fly with big groups and be able to enjoy the company. We have four restaurant tables where you can sit and have a nice meal all together, or just have a chat and play cards, or whatever you wish to do,” Zanetto explained.

“So 24 people can sit like in a restaurant. And then you have a bar where people can mingle and can have drinks. Of course, nowadays, when we fly, we are more careful. Like in any other place in the world, the rules are stricter. Maybe people like to keep using masks, but they still have a lot of space to enjoy without being too close.”

777 Jet Interior
Comlux operates the Boeing 777 on behalf of Crystal Air Cruises. Photo: Greenpoint Technologies, Inc. via Comlux

Across the fleet

When looking for a somewhat smaller aircraft, Zanetto shares that the Airbus ACJ series is a desirable option for its clients. Families or groups of up to 19 people are offered the ambiance of a luxury apartment with these jets. The planes have features such as a master bathroom with a shower and a king-sized bed. Notably, the Airbus ACJ318 and ACJ319 are great fits for certain passenger segments.

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Overall, Comlux has strong links with aircraft manufacturers across the industry, including Airbus and Boeing. This aspect combines well with the company’s expertise to help a client get from A to B anywhere in the world.

777 Interior
It’s a classy experience for those on board, regardless of the choice of business aircraft. Photo: Greenpoint Technologies, Inc. via Comlux

The firm has aircraft and clients based across the continents. So, no matter the type of segment that it serves, Zanetto concludes that Comlux conducts all of its services with the “customer at heart and performance in mind.”

There have been significant shifts in air travel habits over the last year amid the global health crisis. Several passengers that would usually have flown commercially have opted to fly privately due to biosafety concerns and the increase in protocols. Therefore, with this transition, these widebody units won’t have a problem being filled up this decade.

What are your thoughts about the most popular widebodies in the private jet scene? Which of these aircraft would you like to hit the skies with if you had the chance to fly on one privately? Let us know what you think of the planes in the comment section.