Qantas Offering First Class Flights On Airbnb For $20

Qantas has secretly put up first class seats for sale on Airbnb, as a ‘cabin in the clouds’ for as little as $20. These flights can be redeemed only with Qantas points, but at a significant discount (over half price), as revealed to the world by Adelaide Now.

Qantas Dreamliner will whisk passengers away to their Airbnb. Photo: Qantas

This is part of a bigger promotion strategy to give Qantas point members more opportunities to spend their hard-earned points, like the all-point flight to Japan launched earlier this month.

What are the details?

From today, 24th May, for the next two weeks, Qantas will be posing as an Airbnb landlord and releasing a return trip for two in either first or business class hidden somewhere on the app.

It is likely that the listings are at the destinations that Qantas flies to, and are available only for Australian users of the Airbnb app.

Some of the already uncovered deals include:

  • 2 x first class seats from Melbourne to LA for 50,000 Qantas Points (normally 144,000 per seat, so six times the price).
  • 2 x business class seats from Sydney to London for 50,000 Qantas Points (normally 128,000 per seat).

There are apparently another 14 available (one a day) elsewhere.

How can I win free flights?

If you are crafty like us, you’ll already have pulled up a Qantas route map. They will be offering these flights via the app at specific Qantas destinations.

Route map for Qantas in 2019. Photo: Wikimedia

And if you really want to look hard, here are all the cities Qantas flies to:

Chile Santiago de Chile
China Beijing
China Shanghai
Fiji Nadi
Hong Kong Hong Kong
Indonesia Denpasar
Indonesia Jakarta
Japan Osaka
Japan Tokyo
New CaledoniaFrance Nouméa
New Zealand Auckland
New Zealand Christchurch
New Zealand Queenstown
New Zealand Wellington
Papua New Guinea Port Moresby
Philippines Manila
Singapore Singapore
South Africa Johannesburg
Thailand Bangkok
United Kingdom London
United States Dallas
United States Honolulu
United States Los Angeles
United States New York City
United States San Francisco

Furthermore, Qantas has revealed that they will appear under bookings for two or four people. So get swiping!

Why is Qantas offering this?

Qantas has been in partnership with Airbnb since 2016, and allows those who book or host through the app to earn Qantas Points. This is a fantastic alternative to the loyalty programs that only feature hotels or bed and breakfasts, as many younger people have come to rely on Skyscanner, Uber and Airbnb when it comes to booking, rather than going through travel agents.

Qantas has been in partnership with Airbnb since 2016. Photo: Airbnb

It is a partnership that we will most likely see replicated elsewhere.

The offer is a win-win, both for Qantas and for Airbnb. For Qantas, it’s making headlines and raising their profile as well as their variety of destinations. For Airbnb, it’s guaranteed to get more users hunting around on the app, and seeing the fantastic homes that are available to rent in these destinations. Even those who don’t win may end up making bookings, either with Qantas, Airbnb or both.

Will you be hunting for the Qantas flights on Airbnb? Let us know if you find them in the comments!