Qantas Begins New London Baggage Partnership With Airportr

Find it a pain taking your luggage to the airport? Well, Qantas passengers in London will be able to rejoice thanks to the airline’s new partnership with baggage service Airportr.

Qantas, Airportr, London Heathrow
Qantas is the latest airline to partner with baggage service Airportr. Photo: Qantas

Qantas is partnering with the baggage service Airportr in London. The new partnership will see passengers able to pay for an incredibly simplified baggage experience before departing the United Kingdom capital, in addition to on arrival. The service works by delivering your baggage, saving you hassle getting to and from the Heathrow Airport. According to the Qantas website, this service has already gone live.

What is Airportr?

Airportr is an add on service available in the London and Manchester regions. The service was founded in 2016, and has since handled 137,947 bags across a number of airlines. Currently, the service has partnered with seven airlines. These are:

  • American Airlines;
  • British Airways;
  • Cathay Pacific;
  • easyJet;
  • Finnair;
  • Qantas;
  • Virgin Atlantic.

How does it work?

Quite simply, Airportr works as a luggage porter covering the London and Manchester regions. It is available for both arriving and departing passengers. If a passenger is departing, an Airportr driver will collect the bag from the passenger at a time and place to suit them.

Qantas, Airportr, London Heathrow
Bags are checked in at the passenger’s home, office, or hotel. Photo: British Airways

They will then receive a receipt and not see their bag until their destination. The service handles the check-in of bags, hence it is only available with the carriers mentioned above.

The process differs slightly on arrival. The passenger will need to collect their own bag and clear customs. They will then be required to drop their bag off at the service’s counter before it is delivered to the passenger at an agreed time and place. Clearly less convenient on arrival than departure.

What this means

Qantas passengers will now be able to use the service when departing or arriving from London Heathrow on a flight with a QF code. According to Business Traveller, most passengers will be charged £30 for three bags, increasing to £40 and £50 for four and five bags respectively. It is worth noting that booking the service does not increase your baggage allowance.

Qantas, Airportr, London Heathrow
The service is now open to Qantas passengers arriving and departing London Heathrow Airport. Photo: Qantas

Qantas says that passengers using the service on arrival will be able to “start your trip as soon as you land”. Meanwhile, departing passengers will be able to “Skip the airport queues” and “travel light”.

The London scheme is not unique. In fact, in Dubai Emirates offers a similar scheme. However, in this instance, the service is handled by the airline as opposed to a third party as is the case with Airportr. Perhaps Emirates will one day partner with the service in London.

Would you use Airportr, or do you prefer to check in your bags when you arrive at the Airport? Is Qantas a good addition to the program? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.