Qantas Eyes Frankfurt As Another Project Sunrise Destination

Qantas is gearing up for Project Sunrise. After selecting an aircraft, the Australian airline is already looking at expanding the number of destinations served as part of the initiative. First up: Frankfurt.

Qantas 787
Qantas is also eyeing Frankfurt as part of the airline’s Project Sunrise goals. Photo: Qantas

Qantas looks at Frankfurt

Executive Traveller reports that Qantas is adding Frankfurt to the list of destinations as part of Project Sunrise. The airline would look at adding flights from Sydney and Melbourne to the major German city.

Qantas Frankfurt
Qantas would add flights from Sydney and Melbourne to Frankfurt. Rendering created at Great Circle Mapper

Frankfurt joins London and Paris as European destinations for Project Sunrise, coupled with New York City. These four destinations could easily be serviced with the 12 Airbus A350-1000 aircraft Qantas has selected for Project Sunrise flights, if the airline gets opportune slots.

Why Frankfurt?

Frankfurt is a major financial center in Europe. Often dubbed as Germany’s financial capital, Qantas can catch a significant number of business travelers looking to get to the major eastern Australian cities of Sydney and Melbourne.

Qantas A330
Frankfurt is a major financial center and, thus, Qantas is betting on a number of origin and destination passengers. Photo: Qantas

What about connections?

When it comes to connections, it would be quite grueling to get on an ultra-long-haul flight after coming on an overnight red-eye or an intra-European hop, especially in economy. Moreover, many families might prefer an Asian or American stopover in order to break up the journey and make it easier for small children or elderly passengers.

Qantas 787
While flying can be fun, an ultra-long-haul could be grueling for children and elderly passengers. Photo: Qantas

Qantas Airbus A350-1000

The Airbus A350-1000 is a solid choice for Qantas. On one hand, the aircraft has been in service for a few years now. The airline is well-known for a solid safety record and the A350 will likely help Qantas keep its stunning record.

Qantas A350-1000
The A350-1000 is a good choice for Qantas. Photo Source: Qantas News Room

Thanks to the size of the aircraft, Qantas can also experiment with different cabins. In announcing the aircraft, the Australian carrier also announced its intentions to launch new First, Business, Premium Economy, and Economy cabins onboard the aircraft. As these are no ordinary long-hauls, it makes sense that Qantas would use some of the research from Project Sunrise research flights and various other studies to create the best experience as possible for passengers.

Qantas plans on improving its cozy business class offering for ultra-long-haul flights. Photo: Qantas.


It seems that there is a business case for Project Sunrise flights as the airline is looking at new Project Sunrise destinations. However, until Qantas officially orders aircraft, receives slots, and announces flights, nothing is certain. For now, however, this is a positive development for those hoping for new nonstop options to Australia.

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Simple Flying reached out to Qantas, however, Qantas did not respond in time for publication.