Qantas To Launch Two New US Services From Brisbane

Qantas has made a surprising move and planned two new non-stop routes from Brisbane, using their versatile Boeing 787s.

The 787 used to operate Qantas’ Perth to London route and will be operating the Brisbane to Chicago route. Photo: Qantas

Under a new joint venture with American Airlines (their Oneworld partner), Qantas will be flying to Chicago and San Francisco, according to

What are the route details?

Currently, there are no non-stop flights between the two cities. Qantas and American Airlines do offer a code-shared flight between them via Los Angeles, which takes around twenty hours. The new route, operated by Boeing 787 Dreamliners (praised for their fuel efficiency and range) will be able to fly direct between the two cities in around 17 hours.

Brisbane to Chicago flights will reach across the pacific. Photo: Google Maps

This flight will be in the same league as the Perth to London flights, with possibly the same cabin configuration. Qantas and American Airlines also plan to fly a 787 between Brisbane and San Francisco.

Alan Joyce, the CEO of Qantas, has been quoted as saying the new route “would bring significant benefits to millions of travelers and a boost to tourism”, as reported on The New Daily.

The 787 Qantas Dreamliner. Source: Qantas

Other future routes?

With these two new routes and Melbourne to San Francisco already announced, it looks like the partnership is off to a great start.

From here, new routes to the USA from Australia are likely to include Dallas to Brisbane, Chicago to Sydney (when Qantas chooses a new long haul aircraft) and perhaps even Melbourne to New York.

Qantas and American Airlines partnership

Qantas has been sitting on this plan for some time, awaiting an antitrust decision from the US Department of Transportation. The US government has just given a tentative sign off on the venture, and thus Qantas (and American Airlines) has moved forward with plans.

These two routes are actually just the first under this new partnership, which allows Qantas and American Airlines to match prices, lounges, soft products and more between city pairs not already served by both airlines.

Qantas To Launch Two New US Services From Brisbane
American Airlines is very interested to move ahead with this Qantas Partnership. Photo: American Airlines

“As part of the case put to the DOT, Qantas and American flagged an intention to launch several new routes within the first two years of the proposed joint business” – Qantas statement “Qantas expects to announce details of two new routes – Brisbane-Chicago and Brisbane-San Francisco – once final approval is received.”

This new partnership will also extend to destinations between the US and New Zealand. It is not clear if this will only apply to flights with fifth freedom extension onwards to Australia, or if Qantas and American Airlines will split the two legs between them. Auckland to Chicago direct is already served by Air New Zealand.

Australian and New Zealand governments have already given this new partnership approval.

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