How To Pick Your Qantas Meal In Advance

We all know that by pre-choosing your meals before you fly, you’re guarantee your preferred choice (hands up who else has been stuck with the fish choice?). But Qantas has taken pre-selecting meals a step further by offering additional choices not available on board their international flights.

As reported by Australian Business Traveller, Economy, Premium Economy, Business and First Class passengers all have the ability to choose many different meals not normally available onboard.

Warning, this post contains delicious food photos and may make readers hungry. You have been warned. 

Qantas offers several exclusive online options when you pre-book your meal. Photo: Qantas

What is available on the Qantas secret food menu?

What is actually available depends on what class you fly.

According to, when selecting your meal online in Economy you actually are given the standard three options (Generally two meat dishes and a vegetarian option) plus an exclusive online-only option.

But when flying in Business, there were plenty more options, ranging from a cheese platter up to a duck ragu.

Mushroom tortellini with kale and mushroom cream and pine nuts. Qantas Premium Economy menu. Source: Qantas

This also includes a range of options for vegetarian, vegan, kosher, halal and more.

How do you preorder meals on Qantas?

To actually preorder your meals on Qantas, it is as simple as accessing your booking on Preordering can be done within seven days of your flight, up to 12 hours before departure.

Simply log in with your flight details, and find the “select your inflight meal” section. You might need to scroll down a bit.

You will be given three options: select your meal now, choose your meal onboard (the default) or to not be served a meal at all (and maximize your sleep). They do confirm that if you choose to not book a meal or choose onboard, that you still have the option of being served snacks.

Qantas meal
Beef wagyu with miso mushroom rice and pickle vegetables – Qantas Economy, leaving Australia. Photo: Qantas

If you are flying Business and select ‘no meal’, the flight attendants will make your lie-flat bed after take off.

You will then need to choose your international leg and then will be presented with a range of options. Normally you will be given the three main options for your cabin, but below you will also be offered an exclusive online choice from the Qantas kitchen. The range of meals on offer will depend on your departure airport.

Qantas Meal
Seared Cone Bay barramundi with herbed garlic potatoes and broccolini – Qantas First Class. Photo: Qantas

How do I know if I prebooked my Qantas meal choice?

Then once you have made the heart-pounding decision (if you are anything like this author when it comes to choosing food from a menu), you click confirm. You can double check that you got your meal by looking under your ticket summary for a green tick next to ‘manage my booking’.

Now, it is not 100% guaranteed that you will get your choice (for example if they change the menu before departure or your meal gets lost), but Qantas has been hard at work ensuring that this system works.

Qantas meal
Chicken, red rice, roasted Mediterranean vegetables – Qantas Premium Economy. Photo: Qantas

You can go back through the above if you want to change your selection.

This service of additional meals if you pre-book is also available on Qantas’ low-cost carrier Jetstar.

Jetstar meal
A range of Jetstar Asia meals that are unavailable onboard. Source: Jetstar Asia / Simple Flying

Will you be selecting meals before you board? What do you wish you could preorder? Let us know in the comments.