Qantas Sold Off Its Excess Business Class Sleepwear

From business class pajamas to Tim Tams, Australia’s Qantas put exclusive items together in care packs for sale from Friday morning. In a few hours, all of the packages were sold out.

Qantas Care Packs Sold Out
Qantas’s exclusive care packs sold out within a day. Photo: Qantas

Each person could buy up to 10 of these packs for delivery anywhere in Australia. Customers could purchase the packages on the official Qantas Store via 4,350 Qantas Points or by paying $18 (25AUD). Traveller Australia reported that Qantas sold around 5,000 initially. After this batch ran out, the airline added another 4,500 packs to the site. Currently, all 10,000 are sold out.

Excess supply of goods

Due to the suspension of all international flights and some domestic flights, Qantas had extra amounts of its amenity kit products and business class pajamas. In normal circumstances, those onboard premium cabins would receive these products.

According to Executive Manager of Product and Service Phil Capps, the initiative came about after deciding the items could be better used to “cheer people up” instead of just sitting in storage.

As such, the airline decided to put a bunch of its excess items together into a care package – to keep morale up during the pandemic. At the moment, Melbourne is under a strict lockdown, while other states are subject to various social distancing measures.

What was in the care pack?

The care pack contained one of Qantas’ most exclusive items – the iconic business class sleeper suit. It is no wonder the kits sold out quickly, as these PJs have always been a massive hit among fans of Qantas. In fact, the sleeper suit is a status symbol among those who frequently fly with Qantas’ business class.

Capps explained,

“Qantas PJs are always popular, and with people spending a lot more time at home and wishing they were traveling somewhere, we think receiving a surprise pair in the mail will be very well received. And probably very well-worn by the end of all this.”

Qantas Care Pack Sleeper Suit
Smoked almonds served in Qantas First Class cabins are included in the care pack. Photo: Qantas

Other items included:

  • One Qantas business class sleeper suit
  • One Qantas Curates business class amenity kit featuring ASPAR Travel Essentials (Sweet Orange & Shea Hand Cream, Ultra Hydrating Face Moisturiser & Sweet Orange Lip Balm)
  • 12 individually wrapped Tim Tams
  • A 200gram pack of smoked almonds
  • A packet of 10 T2 Lemongrass and Ginger tea bags

The carrier encouraged customers to send these goodies as a surprise to anyone who might be having it tough in the current situation. Or, customers could buy the packs to treat themselves.

Almost 100 aircraft in storage

Beyond sending out care packages to fans across Australia, Qantas has been busy sending its aircraft for desert storage.

At the end of July, Simple Flying reported on Qantas’ final Airbus A380 heading for storage in the Californian Desert. This comes after the Australian airline retired all of its Boeing 747s in an exciting fashion. The carrier ferried its last three 747-400s around Sydney, Brisbane, and Canberra, respectively.

Qantas’ last three 747-400s had special farewell flights dubbed the Jumbo Joy Flights. Photo: Getty Images

More recently, Qantas had it’s Boeing 787s join the A380s in desert storage in Victorville, USA. It plans to store the aircraft for up to 12 months or even longer, contingent on the travel demand.

Collectively, Qantas has 85 planes in storage, according to According to Simple Flying, a representative of the airline explained that the number could increase to 100 soon.

At the moment, Qantas continues to operate Airbus A330s, Boeing 737s, and a single Boeing 767.

What do you make of Qantas’ care packs? Did you manage to snag one before they sold out? Let us know in the comments.