Qantas Will Help A Flight Attendant Sue Will.I.Am

Following Will.I.Am’s accusations against one of its flight attendants, Qantas is willing to help take legal action against him. The Australian airline has also asked the music artist to retract his statement.

Qantas will be helping a flight attendant press charges against Will.I.Am. Photo: Qantas News Room.

What happened?

On November 16, Will.I.Am tweeted about an experience that he had while on a Qantas flight from Brisbane to Sydney. He stated that a flight attended was aggressive and turned her attention specifically to people of color. Also, according to his feed, others on the flight have come forward to say that the employee behaved out of hand.

The situation made another sour turn as the musician showed that police were waiting for him when he arrived at his destination. Ultimately, the confrontations reportedly arose from a misunderstanding due to noise-canceling headphones.


However, it is Will.I.Am’s frustration that could land him in some trouble. This is because he had shared the full name of the flight attendant to his 12.8 million Twitter followers. Additionally, Qantas confirmed that following an investigation, it couldn’t substantiate any claims made. Therefore, according to The Sydney Morning Herald, lawyers could have a case here in regards to defamation.

Will.I.Am claims that he was targeted along with others on the Qantas flight to Sydney. Photo: Eva Rinaldi via Flickr

Retraction requested

Ultimately, a spokesperson for the operator said that it has contacted the music veteran and asked him to retract what he said about the attendant.

“Absent a retraction, and if the crew member wanted to take the matter further, we’d certainly be willing to provide legal support for them to do this,” the spokesperson said, as reported by The Sydney Morning Herald.


However, since the initial tweets, Will.I.Am has stated that he feels that he speaks for others that don’t have the same voice as him. He said this in response to those criticizing him for publicizing the incident in this way. The artist said that he hopes that no one else from any background has to go through similar issues.

Furthermore, he states that he doesn’t wish any harm to the person in question and has asked for his fans to stop sending hate to the attendant.

Qantas isn’t taking the accusations against its staff lightly. Photo: Qantas News Room.

Could be just the beginning

These events don’t seem like they will be forgotten quickly. Will.I.Am’s tweets are still there and going by his last posts, he doesn’t show any sign of retracting. This could be the start of an ongoing saga between the parties as frustrations are still rife.

Qantas will be hoping to resolve this issue swiftly. The carrier recently broke ground with the second test of the historical project sunrise. Furthermore, it’s preparing to celebrate its 100th birthday next year.

Simple Flying reached out to Qantas but did not hear back before publication. We will update the article with any further announcements.

What do you think about Qantas’ statement on the issue with Will.I.Am? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section. 


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Just really a celebrity being a celebrity. If there hadn’t of been the race card to pull in this situation it would have been something else.


Just Qantas being Qantas. What else to expect from a racist airline and a racist country to boot.


The man probably has no social skills to deal with the real world

Respect for all

Commenting on someone else’s social skills you don’t know or have any knowledge of speaks volumes of the state of your social skills. Ignorant at best.


I fly very regularly and have a very good noise cancelling headphones and have never missed a PA call. This guy felt normal rules did not apply to him since he is a celeb. To pull the race card after being put in your place because you’re an arrogant prick is just sad.


Racism is still alive. I’m a person of colour and have experienced the disparity of treatment on multiple occasions. I don’t have a voice that the media will listen to. Qantas needs to apologise


You are correct; its still alive I’m a person of no colour and have experienced the disparity in treatment on Asian and African airlines. South African Airlines and Singapore Airlines need to apologize to me too.


These racial issues do exist. I am experienced racism both pre-flight and during flights. Chances are that you have benefitted from these racial disparaties in the past to get to where you are in life. Furthermore, chances are either that you know these racist bigots or they are you. So, to right these social wrongs, your moral compass will either guide you to continue to pretend that this problem doesn’t exist and carry on as normal or you will vow not to tolerate those who are a part of the problem by relegating them to the hole that they crawled… Read more »

Tim Kyle

It’s very easy for any of us to say this happened or that happened. The truth is, we don’t because none of us were there to witness this. I wish someone would have recorded it on their phone, I mean everyone does nowadays.


Qantas being nothing other than being Qantas.


I have flown Qantas a few times over the years; and did not witness any racism. I have flown Singapore Airlines and South African Airlines and witnessed/been part of anti-white racism; though to be fair the Purser on Singapore Airlines did apologize and did his best to correct matters. Obviously you will never be flying Qantas and I will not be flying SAA. There are so many racist airlines in the world (sigh).


Anti-white racism = White person not getting their way


Oh my, grow up .


I don’t get it…why is the guy so NEEDY?? Maybe his ADHD and tinnitus had something to do with the incident.


I do hope that Qantas wins out over this unpleasant and undertalented individual. William needs bringing down several pegs…


What if the court finds out that the flight attendant in question was genuinely racist?