Trip Review: Qatar Airways’ Luxurious Boeing 777 Qsuite

I traveled on my first Qatar Airways flight last week. What a way to make my debut, as it was, in the airline’s famous Qsuite business class! My journey was from London Heathrow to Doha, to attend The Trinity Forum in Qatar’s capital.

Qatar Airways Boeing B777-300ER
My experience in a Qsuite cabin on a Qatar Airways Boeing 777 is one not to forget. Photo: Qatar Airways

I was initially planning to do a separate review on the return journey. However, the outgoing flight QR2 is usually operated by an Airbus A350 but it was swapped with a Boeing 777 on this occasion. Therefore, with the return journey also being on a 777, it felt right to combine the highlights of both flights. 

Positive start

The premium experience first started when I checked in my bag at the counter at Heathrow Terminal 4. I was allowed four bags of 40kg, but since the trip was only for four days, I opted to bring only a single bag that weighed less than 15kg! The check-in was swift and I was asked to pass through the fast track security check. Skipping the queue, the whole check-in and security process took around five minutes and I was free to find the Qatar Airways London Heathrow Premium Lounge. 

Qatar Airways Business Lounge Heathrow
Qatar Airways Business Lounge Heathrow. Photo: Sumit Rehal/Simple Flying

We’ll save the in-depth analysis of this lounge for another article. Although, I can say that my expectations were exceeded. After taking in the lounge for an hour, a staff member informed me that my flight was ready to board. So, I swiftly downed my freshly-squeezed orange juice and strutted excitedly to experience my first time on a Qatar Airways flight. The boarding took only a few minutes and before I knew it, I was entering the 777-300ER. 

Qatar Airways Qsuite 777
On my return journey, the Qsuite looked majestic with the desert lighting from the window. Photo: Simple Flying/Sumit Rehal

On the way to Doha, my seat was 9E, which was a non-aisle suite, facing backward. This was also the first time that I had sat faced this way on an airplane and I wondered if this would have any sort of impact on the comfort. 

Seat positioning Qatar Airways
There are many ways to position your seat in Qsuite. I spent most of the way to Qatar in the flat mode. Photo: Simple Flying/Sumit Rehal

Relaxed journey

A flight attendant soon offered me a drink and I chose a Ceylon tea. The attendants also explained that I could choose when I wanted dinner. I liked the fact that I could choose but I opted not to eat on the outgoing flight as the trip was an overnight service, departing at 8:30pm.

Qatar Airways Wine
Some of the options from the wine menu. Photo: Sumit Rehal/Simple Flying

I was tired after a long day at work and wanted to sleep the whole way. In response, I was offered a pair of pajamas and slippers, which I took to save for home use.

Qatar Airways Evian and Headphones
The light above the footstool could be switched on or off at my leisure. My relatively-short legs had no problem propping up on the unit. Photo: Simple Flying/Sumit Rehal

Subsequently, I downed the slightly spicy Ceylon tea, put the seat flat, slid the door shut, and put on an episode of Modern Family.

Qatar Airways IFE
Some of the inflight entertainment options. Photo: Simple Flying/Sumit Rehal

The backward positioning had no negative impact as I was out cold after watching the introduction of the show. The noise-canceling headphones helped as I couldn’t hear any engine noise for the duration.

Oryx Headphones
The Arabian oryx is the national animal of Qatar. Photo: Simple Flying/Sumit Rehal

Quicker than expected

The aircraft arrived at Doha slightly before its 6:10 am arrival time and I was ready to enjoy the experience all over again on the return journey. However, I was also eager to explore Qatar for the first time. As I stepped off the place, a staff member at Hamad International Airport greeted me and my Doha exploration began.


HIA Airport
It was quite a sight at Hamad International Airport. Photo: Simple Flying/Sumit Rehal

After four days of exploring the Arabic city in the desert sun, it was time to return home. My return flight was QR15, departing Doha at 3.50 pm. At check-in, I was asked which seat I would like to go for and, for variety, I chose a forward-facing window suite. I was then escorted to the Al Mourjan business class lounge, which was an adventure in itself. However, more about that in a future review.

Qatar Airways Front View
I couldn’t wait to get settled in with the blanket and pillow. Photo: Simple Flying/Sumit Rehal


Attentive staff

After 45 minutes in the lounge, it was time for boarding. I was escorted to the gate of the flight and was ready to enjoy my time on seat 4B. I was greeted by flight attendants Vijay, Sanjay and Nikita. They informed me of the dining options. As this was an afternoon flight, I made a point to stay awake and enjoy the gourmet food. 

Qatar Sunset
It was a pleasure to see the sunset over Doha while departing. Simple Flying/Sumit Rehal

I was in the mood for some more tea and I chose the oolong offering, which was one of the richest teas that I’ve tasted. Nikita explained the history of the tea to me and soon I was prepared for the cuisine, which came in four stages.

Qatar Airways Qsuite Seat
The compartment on the side was useful to stow my bottle and jumper. Once closed, it provided extra space to lean on. Photo: Simple Flying/Sumit Rehal

I must mention that I went for the gluten-free option, meaning those around me had slightly different offerings.

Qatar Airways Qsuite
I wish I had more time in the Qsuite’s comfort. Photo: Simple Flying/Sumit Rehal

First was an autumn-themed pumpkin soup, which helped me relax into the journey. I used the handy side lamp, which can be adjusted and set to four different brightness settings.

Qsuite Lamp
The side lamp helped me see my food, without disturbing those around me. Simple Flying/Sumit Rehal

This was followed by a chicken salad, with flavorsome cherry tomatoes. My favorite part of the lineup was the Arabic mezze, consisting of hummus, tabouleh and baba ganoush. This was a simple but diverse combination, that was extremely moreish. 

Starter Qsuites
The ambient lighting partnered well the food. Photo: Simple Flying/Sumit Rehal

The main event

The main meal was a chicken and rice dish, which at first I assumed would be a little plain. However, with a little Tabasco sauce and chili oil, it was a tasty yet healthy meal.

Qsuites Chicken Dish
The chicken was a gluten-free menu exclusive. Simple Flying/Sumit Rehal

The dinner was wrapped up with a choice of ice cream, cheesecake, or fruit. Being on a healthy run, I chose the fruit, which was strawberries and grapes, accompanied with rose syrup. This was a new combination for me but definitely, one that I’ll try again.

Dessert Qsuites
The rose syrup was a perfect dressing for the fruit. Simple Flying/Sumit Rehal

I browsed on my phone using the Oryx WiFi for a bit before I watched the movie Stockholm on the screen. Nikita made sure I was comfortable by offering some cookies and more tea as I sat back and relaxed. While watching the movie, I took the opportunity to check out the amenities offered. 

Amenities Qsuites
The amenity box was supplied by BRICS. Creams, mist, balm, flight socks, and a sleep mask are sitting here next to a lime and mint juice. Photo: Simple Flying/Sumit Rehal

Welcoming display

Time flew while in the sky for once. As the aircraft landed at Heathrow, I said goodbye to each attendant in the cabin and walked off back into rainy London. At that point, I knew that this was by far the most comfortable experience that I’ve had on an airplane.

Qsuite door
I spent most of the journey with the sliding door closed. However, understandably, staff opened them for landing. Photo: Simple Flying/Sumit Rehal

The famous Arabic hospitality was on display throughout and I could tell the welcoming stance of the airline prevailed in each staff member. I wonder if I have been spoiled after this trip as I may have become used to life traveling in a premium cabin such as Qatar Airways Qsuite. It was a privilege to fly to Doha as a guest of Qatar Airways.

Have you had the chance to experience flying in a Qatar Airways Qsuite cabin? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section.