Qatar Airways Hamad International Al Mourjan Business Lounge Review


Last month, I shared the experience of my first time traveling with Qatar Airways for The Trinity Forum in Doha. When returning back to London, I was eligible to use Hamad International Airport’s Al Mourjan business lounge.

Al Mourjan concourse
The main concourse of Hamad International’s Al Mourjan lounge’s centerpiece is a calming water feature. Photo: Sumit Rehal / Simple Flying

A modern approach

This airport was only opened in 2014, and its freshness is apparent. It is situated just outside Qatar’s capital and the top condition, service, and order is noticeable from the beginning.

HIA Airport
The view from the escalators after checking in at Hamad International. Photo: Simple Flying/Sumit Rehal

The Qatar Airways check-in desk is right next to the entrance. As soon as I received my boarding pass, I was escorted by an employee to the business lounge.

Trinity Forum Hamad
Simple Flying were guests in Doha for The Trinity Forum. Photo: Sumit Rehal / Simple Flying

On the way, the member of staff told me details about the airport and asked me about my trip to Qatar. We then went up an escalator to be greeted by the reception at the lounge. I was informed that I would be met at reception by the staff member in one hour, as she would be taking me to my gate.

Al Mourjan Centerpiece
Guests are met with this centerpiece by the reception of the lounge. Photo: Sumit Rehal / Simple Flying

A large complex

So, I quickly put my hand luggage in a locker just behind reception and went ahead to peruse this massive lounge. The lounge spans two floors and spreads over 10,000 square meters. I didn’t know where to start, but I was eager to see what the grand staircase would lead to.

Al Mourjan Staircase
The staircase reminded me of something from a classic Hollywood movie. Photo: Sumit Rehal / Simple Flying

Upstairs holds a bar and a variety of buffet stations. There were options for both western and local cuisine, along with a dessert spot against the wall.

Al Mourjan bar
Despite all the drinks on offer, I was just craving an orange juice. Photo: Sumit Rehal / Simple Flying
Al Mourjan dining
One of the several buffet stations. Photo: Sumit Rehal / Simple Flying
Al Mourjan staff
A professional is preparing some fresh food. Photo: Sumit Rehal / Simple Flying
Al Mourjan cuisine
Cakes galore at Al Mourjan. Photo: Sumit Rehal / Simple Flying
Al Mourjan Dessert
Even more pastries on offer. Photo: Sumit Rehal / Simple Flying

There are plenty of seating options, catering to those who want a formal dining experience as well as those who want something small to eat while they relax or work.

Al Mourjan dining
Plenty of space to dine. Photo: Sumit Rehal / Simple Flying
Al Mourjan dining seats
A lot of room for movement upstairs. Photo: Sumit Rehal / Simple Flying

After eating a tasty hybrid of Eurasian food, I was ready to tour the bottom floor.

Al Mourjan dish
I wasn’t so hungry but I made the effort to dish out a sample. Photo: Sumit Rehal / Simple Flying

Plenty to explore

It actually took me many minutes to go around the whole ground floor. I took a moment to admire the lounge’s unique aspects such as the water feature and architecture.

Thereafter, I decided to check out what’s behind the doors at the far wall. The first door led to a room where people can work and conduct business.

Al Mourjan room
The workroom had computers and printers readily available. Photo: Sumit Rehal / Simple Flying

There is also a cool games room with a replica race car at the back.

Al Mourjan games room
If I had more time, I would have spent all day in here. Photo: Sumit Rehal / Simple Flying

Additionally, there is a foosball table, WiiU, and PlayStation.

Al Mourjan games room 2
These classic controllers took me back. Photo: Sumit Rehal / Simple Flying

At the far end of the main concourse, I came across another doorway. This led to an extra dining area for passengers to indulge. After making my way back out to the main lounge, I grabbed a newspaper and took some time to relax.

Al Mourjan newspapers
Something for everyone at the newspaper and magazine desk. Photo: Sumit Rehal / Simple Flying

I chose to sit at the center of the water feature, which holds a small seating area.

Al Mourjan Seating
This seating unit was nicely tucked away in the middle of the concourse. Photo: Sumit Rehal / Simple Flying

Here, I started to feel the post-trip blues as I wished I had even more time to enjoy the premium experience that Qatar Airways and Doha has to offer.

Al Mourjan Seats
The dim lighting downstairs gave a tranquil atmosphere. Photo: Sumit Rehal / Simple Flying

Time to say goodbye

The Qatar Airways staff reminded me that it was time to board. I grabbed my bag from the locker and was accompanied right up to my gate. I said goodbye to all the staff, who I must commend for their professionalism.

HIA feature
The staff members at Hamid International were very helpful and the airport itself gave a pleasant feeling. Photo: Sumit Rehal / Simple Flying

One of my biggest takes from this trip is how all members of staff were extremely polite yet also helpful and calming. The welcoming feel of Doha runs right through to the airport. I’d like to thank Qatar Airways for the opportunity to be a guest for The Trinity Forum in Doha.

Have you had a chance to see the Al Mourjan business lounge at Hamad International Airport? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.