Qatar Airways Heathrow Terminal 4 Premium Lounge Review


Yesterday, I shared my experience at Hamad International Airport’s Al Mourjan business lounge. Before I landed in Doha, I had the pleasure of experiencing Qatar Airways’ Premium Lounge at Heathrow Airport’s Terminal 4.

Qatar Airways Business Lounge Heathrow
The decor of this premium lounge gave a true touch of class. Photo: Sumit Rehal / Simple Flying

The premium experience was felt from the very beginning at check-in. While handing over my bags, I was directed to a fast track security check, which was near the desk.

Unlike the process at Heathrow, there was hardly anyone in line for this check. Additionally, the location of the lounge was in close proximity to the exit of security. Therefore, the whole process between check-in and completing security screening took less than 10 minutes. This gave me some extra time to explore the lounge!

Qatar Airways Premium Lounge entrance
The message on arrival at the lounge says “Welcome to you all,” translated from Arabic. Photo: Sumit Rehal / Simple Flying

Exclusive setting

As soon as you step foot in the lounge, you can feel the classy ambiance. The golden decor and soft lighting complement each other perfectly, leading me to the seating and dining areas.

Heathrow QA premium lounge
Some casual seats near the entrance. Perhaps for those who don’t have much time to kill. Photo: Sumit Rehal / Simple Flying

This lounge has a completely different feel to one that l experienced at Hamad International. Hamad’s most noticeable feature was its grandeur, with the architecture and size. However, this lounge felt more like a secret bar in central London, with its cozy yet luxurious approach.

QA Heathrow premium lounge Hall
A short walk down a hall leads to the bar and food counter. Photo: Sumit Rehal / Simple Flying

I took a tour around each segment and noticed the different types of seating areas. There is a well-balanced offering of lounge, dining and business seating. There is also a variety of dining options.

QA Premium Lounge Heathrow Food Counter
The food counter and the bar operate behind each other. Photo: Sumit Rehal / Simple Flying
QA Premium Lounge Heathrow Food Counter 2
Some salad and mezze options. Photo: Sumit Rehal / Simple Flying
QA Premium Lounge Heathrow Food Counter 3
Plenty of cheese and dessert varieties. Photo: Sumit Rehal / Simple Flying

Delicious cuisine

Guests can either have options from the mezze counter or order from the menu. I sat down at a dining table at the wall opposite the bar to contemplate what to order. I decided on the chicken biryani. Being a bit of a connoisseur of Asian food, I was ready to critique the dish.

QA Premium Lounge Heathrow Cuisine
The biriyani packs a punch for its size. Photo: Sumit Rehal / Simple Flying

However, I could not fault it at all. At first, I assumed that the compact bowl that it came in would mean that there would not be nearly enough chicken but I was wrong. The ratio of ingredients in the dish was well-balanced and it tasted amazing. The meat was tender and the rice had hints of saffron, which is a favorite in Qatari cuisine. The raita and cashew nuts added some extra flavor and I couldn’t wait to tuck in.

After dining, I had another walk around the three segments of the lounge, and at the back end, there is a setting for more formal dining. In the middle of the room, there is a table with huge pots of pistachios nuts, candies, and chocolates.

QA Premium Lounge Heathrow Snacks
A pick and mix of snacks. Photo: Sumit Rehal / Simple Flying

There were also bowls of fruit and dates on the side. I opted for some dates, which soon became my new favorite snack from this trip as they were super sweet.

QA Premium Lounge Heathrow Fruit
The dates on the right became a staple for me on this trip. Photo: Sumit Rehal / Simple Flying

Useful features

The business rooms had computers and printers for people to get in some last-minute work before their flights.

QA Premium Lounge Heathrow Business Room
Some quiet time for those who need to do some business. Photo: Sumit Rehal / Simple Flying

Along with this, there were showers in one of restrooms for some last-minute scrubbing!

QA Premium Lounge Heathrow Shower
The showers looked clean and easy to use for those in a rush. Photo: Sumit Rehal / Simple Flying

I went back to my seat to eat some more dates, then a staff member of the lounge kindly informed me that my flight is ready for boarding. Unfortunately, it was time to go but I was excited for my time ahead to experience Qatar Airways’ renowned Qsuite business class.

QA Premium Lounge Heathrow Banana
My mood after the experience. Photo: Sumit Rehal / Simple Flying.

Altogether, the hospitality of this lounge had a true Qatari spirit. The attentiveness, variety, and splendor of the service were evident throughout the whole visit. I would love to go back soon and spend more time there, especially to try more options from the flavorsome food menu. It was a pleasure to be a guest of Qatar Airways at this lounge.

Have you had the experience of visiting Qatar Airways’ Premium Lounge at Heathrow Airport’s Terminal 4? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section.