Qatar Airways Operates Inaugural Botswana Service

Qatar Airways has inaugurated its new route to Botswana. Gaborone becomes the ninth destination to join Qatar’s network in 2019. The route is to be served by an Airbus A350-900, operating in each direction three times per week.

Qatar Airways, Airbus A350, Botswana
Qatar Airways has inaugurated its first service to Botswana. Photo: Qatar Airways

In August Qatar announced it would commence services to Botswana. The new route made the carrier the first non-African airline to fly to the nation, in addition to the first Middle Eastern airline. The route became the ninth to be launched by Qatar in 2019, and its third new destination in Africa behind Mogadishu in Somalia and Rabat in Morocco.

The new route

Qatar Airways’ new route to Botswana will operate three times per week with flights departing from Doha on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays. The new route is a tie on flight from the carrier’s Johannesburg flight. The flight from Doha (DOH) to Gaborone (GBE) will be operated as follows:

  • QR 1377 is scheduled to depart Doha at 06:55. The Airbus A350-900 aircraft is then scheduled to arrive in Gaborone at 16:50 following a stop in Johannesburg.
  • The Airbus A350 is then scheduled to spend 1-hour and 45-minutes on the ground in Garobone.
  • QR 1378 will then depart from Gaborone at 18:35. Following the 3,800 mile flight, the aircraft is due to arrive back in Doha at 06:45 the next morning following a stop in Johannesburg.
Qatar Airways, Airbus A350, Botswana
The flight is an add on to the carrier’s Johannesburg service. Photo:

23rd African destination

By launching its new route to Botswana, Qatar Airways now serves 23 destinations on the African continent. However, there are more to come. Indeed, next year a further African route will be launched to Luanda in Angola. This is part of Qatar Airways’ commitment to growing within the continent of Africa.


Speaking of the new route Qatar’s CEO, Akbar Al Baker, said:

“I am delighted to add Gaborone to our global network of more than 160 destinations. Qatar Airways is committed to expanding its network in Africa, and this new route – our 23rd destination on the continent – is another step towards achieving that goal. We take great pride in being the first Middle Eastern airline to fly to Botswana and look forward to bringing tens of thousands of passengers to this wonderful country.”

Qatar Airways, Airbus A350, Botswana
Qatar Airways is the only non-African operator flying to Botswana. Photo: Qatar Airways

About Qatar

Qatar Airways has launched nine new routes during 2019. Of these new routes, one third have been to destinations in Africa. These routes to Mogadishu, Rabat, and Gaborone join the likes of Izmir, Malta, Davao, Lisbon, and Langkawi. As a result of the new routes, the airline now serves more than 160 global destinations.

Qatar serves its huge pool of destinations with a similarly impressive fleet of over 250 aircraft. This fleet is made up of a range of aircraft from the small but serious Airbus A320, all the way up to the giant of the skies, the Airbus A380.

Would you use Qatar’s new service to get to Botswana? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!


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Can you please make a couple of articles about Qatar Airways like the History of Qatar Airways and what their flagship routes are. Thank you

Denis Coghlan

Quatar is not the first non-African airline to operate to Gaborone. Both British Airways and Air France operated Boeing B747-400 aircraft from London and Paris up to about 2000. Both airlines stopped serving Gaborone. The British Airways flight was a tie on to a twice weekly Johannesburg flight. The reason for terminating the service was a crew rest issue that required two sets of crew to operate the JNB – GBE sector in the morning and the GBE – JNB sector in the late afternoon. The Air France flight was a tie on to their CDG – DLA flights, also… Read more »

Nasir Israr

“Failure to find funding has delayed the start up on a route dominated by British Airways who’ve long regarded London Cape Town as a “Cash Cow” reporting 93% annual average load factors. ” I am surprised how a foreign airline enjoys monopoly on a certain route with multiple daily flights while the national airline suffers with loses with claim that there is no demand. Emirates operates 4 daily flights on the Johannesburg-Dubai route, 2 daily with the A380 and 2 daily with B777-300ER while South African Airways had no flights on the route. The same is the case with Thai… Read more »