Qatar Airways Is Launching A Movie

Qatar has been itching to make a big announcement on January the 17th for some time. Qatar asked the world’s media to sign up and register for the event where they were going to reveal something in the world of aviation like never before.

Various media outlets have been adding to the rumor mill, suspecting maybe Qatar was finally leaving Oneworld, or perhaps they were starting a new airline (instead of just owning 49% of one).

However… it seems that their big announcement is… they are making a movie.

Wait, they are making a movie?

Yes, Qatar has dropped all pretenses of being in the aviation industry and is now a fully fledged Hollywood studio.

Actually, we are being a bit facetious, but in the words of Qatar’s CEO Mr. Al Baker, they are making a ‘Hollywood-like Brand Film’

“Qatar Airways has once again taken the initiative when it comes to innovation and we believe that this campaign will change the way the aviation industry will promote global travel in the future. This campaign embodies everything at the heart of Qatar Airways’ brand values, as well as the pride we share in providing exceptional service to our passengers across the globe.” – Al Baker, Qatar CEO

So it is just an advert?

Yes and no. Whilst reading between the lines it appears to just be another television or film campaign by an airline. But the way that Qatar is hyping it up, with the hashtag #likeneverbefore you might expect it to be truly grand and earth-shattering.

The 200-person product has been traveling the world putting together a masterpiece of film making work for the airline. It is not known yet if there are any celebrity appearances, but they used professional Hollywood actors, crews and directors.

They have been slowly releasing various clips to drum up support, and recently did a closed press screening of the film “just like they do in Hollywood”.

Now, we all love movies and think this is great news. But I must admit I am somewhat disappointed that it’s just a film.

As for Mr. Al Baker, we at Simple Flying have some advice. If you are going to use the hashtag #Likeneverbefore, actually do something like never before! Start your own global alliance, order the A380plus/neo, invest in boom aerospace, or do anything that is truly new and exciting.

But let us not pass judgment on his film until the premiere.

What do you think? Will you be lining up to go see the new Qatar film at the cinema?