Qatar Airways Is Rumoured To Be Installing Suites On Their Narrowbody Aircraft

Qatar Airways CEO Akbar Al Baker describes the new Business class on the A321neo A321LR to have “a lot of privacy.” First reported by Aviation Analyst, the CEO’s statement seems all too optimistic. It gives the impression that Qatar Airways has much to brag about with the new narrow-body aircrafts. This is in addition to confident comments regarding the “revolutionary” Economy class shared recently.

Qatar Airways A321
Qatar Airways has A321neos on order that will have a new Business Class with “a lot of Privacy.” Photo: Qatar Airways

Earlier this month, Al Baker announced  that the outstanding order from Airbus will also include a variant. The A321LR is for longer range. Al Baker states its business class layout is “not currently in the Qatar Airways fleet.” The CEO said the new model  will have “a lot of privacy.” This is hard to believe when compared to the current model of the A320. Al Baker has spoken hyperbolically in the past.  The collective thought is to take this statement with a grain of salt.  Although, there is very little room to be misleadingly figurative with a word like ‘privacy.’  It seems impossible to misapply when it comes to airplane seating.

The Privacy Layout

Looking at potential changes, we keep in mind that the A320  with Qatar Airways now has a 2-2 configuration. If the new format will have more ‘privacy,’  it possibly means the cabin will have a 1-1 layout.  If it is truly private, then having two seats together doesn’t seem to be an option. The JetBlue Mint suites currently offer the 1-1 layout along with a waist-high door.  We guess that the new Business class would be similar in privacy standards.

Qatar Airways Is Rumoured To Be Installing Suites On Their Narrowbody Aircraft
Jet Blue Mint Seat. Photo: Jet Blue

Qatar Airways Plans For The A321

The new A321 fleet, expected to be rotated into circulation starting this year.  It will replace the older A320s along with some A330’s.  Al Baker foresees that the A321 will handle low volume since it is a narrow-body aircraft. If the larger Airbus would be impossible to fill, The A321 can be used instead. It will take care of certain destinations during the low season like Phuket and Krabi.  It can also possibly open up new possibilities in Africa. The aircrafts have the capacity to travel to all the destinations that Qatar Airways currently offers. Al Baker confirmed they would consider smaller European routes since they don’t have the “volume for a wide-body aircraft.”  This could mean flights for Qatar Airways to Malta, Pisa, and nordic countries

It seems to be the right move to open up more possible destinations  because it keeps up with competition. Qatar Airways would want to have the range and ability in the European market, considering Emirates is expanding especially with its new additional routes to Porto.

Qatar Airways Competition
The route from Dubai to Porto. Source: GCMaps

Business Class Has Privacy, Economy Is Revolutionary

This is not the first time Qatar Airways has spoken proudly of their cabins on the upcoming A321’s.  Al Baker called the economy class on the A321neo  ‘revolutionary.’  This quote doesn’t resonate at all when it comes to referring to economy class seating. Though a word like ‘privacy’ does since it is more of a precise description.  Either way, we can expect that the A321neo and the A321LR will be making new strides. It builds a stronger image for Qatar Airways.