Record Year: Qatar Airways Shows Strong Growth To North America

Qatar Airways has 13 non-stop routes to the US and Canada this year. Despite the pandemic and the resulting restrictions, the airline has more capacity to North America this year than any other. And in a week in September, it has 50 more departures than it did pre-pandemic.

Qatar Airways A350-900
Qatar Airways has increased flights to multiple US/Canadian destinations. Photo: Spencer Wilmot via Flickr.

13 routes to the US and Canada

Qatar Airways has grown strongly to the US and Canada, with nearly 3.2 million seats this year, up by 18% over 2019 and more than double the volume in 2016. Of course, this says nothing of fares, passengers, or loads, but it does reflect its commitment to the two nations.

Despite stringent bilateral restrictions, seats to Canada are up by 34% versus 2019, the result of growing Montreal from four-weekly to once-daily. In contrast, the US, obviously the largest market, is up by a strong 17%. The carrier’s growing presence in the US will benefit from the expanded codeshare partnership with JetBlue and by Alaska Airlines joining oneworld, the latter a key reason why it launched Seattle earlier this year.

Qatar Airways to the USA and Canada
Qatar Airways began Newark (via Geneva) and Washington in 2007. JFK began in 2008, Houston in 2009, Montreal in 2011, Chicago in 2013, Dallas, Miami, and Philadelphia in 2014, Atlanta, Boston, and Los Angeles in 2016, San Francisco in 2020, and Seattle in 2021. Note that Toronto and Vancouver were operated briefly because of the pandemic. Source: OAG.

A big increase in service

With 17 weekly outbound flights in mid-September, JFK naturally retains the crown for Qatar Airways. In all, some 129 outbound flights are offered, up from 79 (!) in the same week in 2019. Even stripping out recently added routes to Seattle and San Francisco, flights are up by 46%. Seven routes have more service now than they did, led by Dallas, Chicago, Washington, and Los Angeles, all of which have doubled. Only Atlanta has reduced, down as it is by two flights.

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  1. JFK: 17 weekly services by the B777-300ER; A350-900; and A350-1000
  2. Dallas: 14; B777-200LR and A350-1000
  3. Washington: 14; A350-900 and A350-1000
  4. Los Angeles: 14; all by the A350-1000
  5. Chicago: 14; B777-300ER and B777-200LR
  6. Boston: 7; A350-900
  7. Houston: 7; A350-1000
  8. Miami: 7; B777-300ER
  9. Philadelphia: 7; A350-900
  10. Seattle: 7; B777-300ER
  11. San Francisco: 7; A350-1000
  12. Montreal: 7; B777-300ER
  13. Atlanta: 5; A350-900
Qatar Airways Airbus A350-1041 A7-ANG (1)
Los Angeles is one of seven routes to have more flights than previously. Photo: Vincenzo Pace | Simple Flying.

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19 flights in one day to North America

On a randomly chosen day (September 16th), Qatar Airways will have 19 departures from Doha to North America, including three to JFK. Following a codeshare agreement signed in December 2020, Air Canada’s service to Toronto is timed to fit into Qatar Airways’ own North America network, both inbound and outbound.

Departure time from DohaToAircraft
01:15Los AngelesA350-1000
07:50Los AngelesA350-1000
08:05San FranciscoA350-1000
08:25Toronto (Air Canada)B777-300ER

Of these 19 flights, 13 will depart between 07:45 and 08:35 (and Air Canada to Toronto at 08:25), obviously the main bank of departures to the US and Canada (and Europe). They are fed by the carrier’s largest bank of arrivals from Asia-Pacific, southern and eastern Africa, and the Middle East, driving connectivity.

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