Qatar Airways To Go All In On Privacy In Next Gen Business Class


This week, Qatar Airways CEO Akbar Al Baker spoke about how his airline is focusing on privacy with its premium products. The Doha-based outfit already offers a private setting on most of its business class cabins. However, the company is looking to expand on these types of services.

Qatar Airways Fleet
Qatar Airways’ chief executive has talked about plans for his fleet. Photo: Qatar Airways

Addressing passenger queries

Amid the global health crisis, there is an extra incentive for passengers to be isolated on an aircraft. According to a Fireside Chat hosted by Aviation Week on Tuesday, Al Baker highlights that his crew is highly trained in hygiene. His staff members have also made sure that they have the least interaction possible without reducing the quality and the standards of products and services that it provides.

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Moreover, he emphasizes how in the premium cabins of his aircraft, passengers don’t have to worry about social distancing because they are entirely isolated. Ultimately, there is complete privacy in this section. When the economy cabin is not full, then the firm will encourage social distancing.

Qatar Airways Qsuite
Qatar Airways’ Qsuite provides the perfect balance of luxury and privacy. Photo: Qatar Airways

However, the executive feels that social distancing is nearly impossible on a plane. Nonetheless, he promotes how all the measures being taken by the airline, including the use of HEPA air filters, full PPE gear for crew, the wearing of face masks for passengers, and extensive cleaning methods are helping to ensure a safe environment.

Uncompromising privacy

Regardless, those who are looking to have that additional isolation on their journey would feel extra comfortable in Qatar Airways’ premium cabin. The airline has been rolling out its Qsuite across its widebody aircraft in recent years, and it is expecting to offer other similar seats across its jets soon.


“We are now launching a new seat that will be {put in} to our narrowbody that will give privacy and full flat comfort in the premium cabin. And on the 777X and the 787-9, we will have a product that will also give passengers full privacy.” Al Baker said in the talk with Aviation Week.

“What is important for a passenger is not necessarily to have Qsuite, what they want is really to have 100% privacy, which will be the future of all the cabins that will go in Qatar Airways future fleet.”

Ultimately, there may be some tweaks to the business class for new configurations. The Boeing 787 is narrower than the Boeing 777 and the Airbus A350, therefore, it is a struggle to fit the standard Qsuite on this type. Nonetheless, there won’t be any compromise when it comes to privacy.

Qatar Airways Qsuite View
There is also a personal touch in Qatar Airways’ premium cabins. Photo: Sumit Singh / Simple Flying

Additional options

There are also even higher levels of privacy being offered across the company in the current environment. The group’s business jet subsidiary, Qatar Executive, last week announced the launch of its Diamond Agreement.

This service allows passengers to pre-purchase flight time at fixed-hourly rates on long-range and ultra-long-range private jets. There are now several people who now want to fly in private jets, especially certain high-net-worth passengers who used to fly in premium.

Gulfstream G700 Cabin Aft View
There seems to be a new market for private jet services. Photo: Qatar Executive

Altogether, Qatar Airways already delivers on providing private yet comfortable services. As the aviation industry continues to adapt amid the changing conditions, the airline will undoubtedly keep up with its high-quality offerings.

What are your thoughts about Qatar Airways emphasizing privacy across its services? Do you feel this is a good move in the current environment? Let us know what you think of the initiative in the comment section.