Qatar Airways Qsuites Coming To LAX From Feb 2019

The legendary Qatar Qsuites are on their way to the west coast!

Industry readers will know that Qsuites, Qatar’s latest business class offering, was debuted back in 2017 to much fanfare. But the rollout has been slower than expected, leaving many wondering when major Qatar destinations and routes will get their hands on them.

The world awaits Qatar to complete the rollout of their new very comfortable business class.

Why are Qsuites so good?

We have mentioned Qsuites in great detail before (Be sure to read if your thinking of booking!).

Qatar Qsuites
Qatar Qsuites

The feature the following excellent features:

  • Quad seat layout. If a group is traveling in a group of four, the middle divider can actually open up and produce a table with four chairs (Two facing forward and two facing backward).
  • All seats have aisle access
  • Naturally, all are spacious and lie-flat seats (With all the pillows you would ever need)
  • Gate to Gate entertainment (Something that Delta has yet to achieve with their business class)
  • All the suites are private and have sliding doors.
  • BRIC’s and Castello Monte Vibiano amenity kits
  • And fantastic soft service (Food to entertainment options).

Honestly, it makes us really reconsider flying with anyone else.

And we are not the only ones in love, with several of our fellow airline experts online featuring them quite heavily.

Just a few of the videos that pop up when you search Qsuites

Why is the rollout of Qsuites so slow?

But… not everyone has been able to experience this yet. Unfortunately, Qatar has been rather slow in rolling out this new service and for good reason.

So far Qsuites are available on select Boeing 777-300ERs, select Boeing 777-200LRs, select Airbus A350-900s, and all Airbus A350-1000s. – One Mile At A Time

Currently, Qatar only operates this product on 10% of their fleet. This is equal to approx 15 planes a year. With a fleet size of 220 craft, this is quite astonishing. At this rate, it will take them 10 years to convert all their existing product over. Many would speculate that they would, in fact, retire some jets in that time speeding up the process.

Qatar Airways Qsuite
Qatar Airways Qsuite

This may be caused by several different issues.

  1. The Blockade of Qatar – This is still ongoing and has severely limited Qatar’s (The country) ability to invest in their own airline. They simply do not have the resources
  2. Fleet capacity – Their fleet is almost at breaking point (They have to reevaluate several routes earlier this year) and thus they can’t pull off too many planes at once to add the new product.
  3. Some of their planes have different cabin sizes and thus the product has to be redesigned.

Needless to say, Qatar has addressed this with the following list, or plan have you, of how they will add to their fleet. The following comments are from our friends at One Mile At A Time who nailed the progress update.

  1. All 777s fitted by mid-2019. Remember they’ve done 12 in 10 months, so will need to do another 47 in the next 14 months. In other words, they’ll need to reconfigure them three times as quickly as now.
  2. 787 reconfiguration to begin this year. I have found no evidence that any frames have gone in for refit.
  3. A380 reconfiguration to begin in 2020. This is actually achievable!
  4. No timeline for A350s. I don’t believe any A350s with the ‘old’ reverse herringbone seats have gone in for refurbishment, but acknowledge all new A350s will be delivered with QSuites. It seems ridiculous that Qatar continued receiving A350s in 2017 with the old reverse herringbone seats, even after the first 777s were delivered with QSuites.
  5. No timeline for A330s. Note some of these will be moving to Air Italy anyway.

When will it be in LAX?

But fear not, as mentioned in the first sentence of this article, LAX will soon have Qsuites arriving!

Many have commented that LAX is, in fact, one of the last destinations in the US to not have Qsuite availability. But that will soon change on February 2, 2019 (It might seem far away, but that’s less than 3 months!).

This has been reflected in seat maps when passengers go to book, despite not being confirmed by the airline at this time.

QR739 Doha to Los Angeles departing 8:00AM arriving 1:20PM
QR740 Los Angeles to Doha departing 3:05PM arriving 5:55PM (+1 day)

The route will be flown on a recently renovated Boeing 777-200LR. If you are reading this and want to fly in Economy on this flight, keep in mind that the plane is now reconfigured for 10 seats in each row, over the previous nine seats.

The next Qsuites we suspect to hit the market will be in late 2019, on the longest Qatar route in the world, Auckland to Doha.