Qatar Airways Eyes Upgraded Boeing 787-8 IFE System

Qatar Airways is upgrading its Boeing 787-8 aircraft with Thales’ AVANT IFE. This inflight entertainment system features an innovative, modern user experience tailored to the requirements of the flag carrier of Qatar. Thales revealed details of this initiative yesterday.

Qatar Airways 787-8
Qatar Airways has worked with AVANT on aircraft cabin system projects in the past. Photo: Getty Images

A trusted partner

When it comes to aerospace, Thales has been trusted by those in the industry to make systems that help operations become safer, easier, and more efficient. So, Qatar Airways is in good hands with its Boeing 787-8 IFE upgrade.

Thales shares that Qatar Airway is keen to introduce this IFE system on its 787-8 Dreamliners without disrupting the deployment of the fleet. It also wants to reduce downtime during the retrofit. Therefore, Thales has built an upgrade program to adapt the existing legacy system to incorporate the new AVANT screens and servers into the existing seats and aircraft infrastructure.

Altogether, the deal involves a full seat modification, hardware, certifications, and the capability to leverage common media integration across the Middle Eastern carrier’s fleet fitted with AVANT.

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Passengers will be able to enjoy the latest HD capacitive touch screen technology and seamlessly navigate the user interface using similar gestures from when they use their mobile devices. The screens are lightweight but are two to three times brighter than the former systems.

Moreover, they feature over 16 million colors and can store over a terabyte of content for a well-rounded offering. Those in business class passengers will be able to view 17-inch full HD touch screens. Meanwhile, customers in the main cabin will be able to enjoy content on 12-inch units.

Avant IFE
Passengers will be able to enjoy the latest movies, TV shows, and music collections with Thales’ offerings. Photo: Thales

Exciting prospects

As per a press release seen by Simple Flying, Qatar Airways SVP, Marketing & Corporate Communications, Salam Al Shawa, said the following about her company’s project with the French outfit:

“As a leader of innovation within the global aviation industry, we are always looking for ways to further enrich our already exceptional 5-Star on board experience for passengers. With the latest in-flight technology, including lightweight screens, greater content storage and full HD touch screens, we are delighted to work with Thales in bringing the most advanced AVANT IFE system on board our Boeing 787-8 fleet.”

Also in the release, Philippe Carette, CEO, Thales Inflyt Experience, summarised his firm’s deal with Qatar with the following:

“Qatar Airways continues to be a leader in the recovery of the aviation industry, maintaining a paramount commitment to service and to the enrichment of the passenger journey. Together we have developed a turnkey upgrade program with a seamless customer experience and continued installation despite the crisis. With the AVANT IFE system, passengers on Qatar Airways Boeing B787-8 aircraft will enjoy a 5-star experience.”

Qatar Airways Getty
There is a 30% weight reduction than Thales, previous systems with AVANT, which would help to improve overall costs. Photo: Getty Images

Always on the ball

Altogether, Qatar Airways has a record of providing up-to-date, top-quality products and services for its customers. From its high-speed WiFi to its Qsuite, the airline’s cabin offerings across the board are often unmatched. So, those flying on the 787-8 will undoubtedly appreciate this IFE upgrade.

What are your thoughts about Qatar Airways upgrading its Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner inflight entertainment systems with Thales AVANT IFE? Is this a good move for the carrier? Let us know what you think of the initiative in the comment section.