Qatar Airways Ups Airbus A380 Flights Worldwide

As people all over the world try to get home, Qatar Airways is increasing its service to many destinations. Doha airport remains open for transit, and the airline plans to operate additional flights, with several destinations set to get an increased A380 service.

Qatar Airways A380
The A380 will resume service as Qatar increases flights. Photo: Getty

Additional flights from Qatar Airways

As of 24th March 2020, Qatar Airways is increasing its flight operations and making more space available to passengers trying to return home. In a statement sent to Simple Flying, the airline stated they are adding 10,000 extra seats to the network from 24th March.

This comes as part of a commitment to help get people home, as many travelers find themselves stuck overseas, with airlines canceling routes and airports and country borders closing. Indeed, Qatar Airways claims that it has flown over 100,000 passengers home over the last seven days. And 72 percent of passengers flown on 24th March were nationals returning to their home country.


Returning the A380 to service

Several routes – including London Heathrow, Frankfurt and Perth at least – will be operated by the Airbus A380. Service will likely be lighter than before, but also could change quickly. London Heathrow, for example, is expected to see three or four flights a day in April (down from six in the past).


This comes just days after Qatar Airways announced it would ground its entire A380 fleet. This was explained at the time as a choice due to the higher operating costs of the A380. With decreased loads, it made sense to operate the A350 on these routes instead.

qatar airways travel restrictions coronavirus getty images
Qatar operates 10 A380 aircraft and recently announced the entire fleet would be grounded. Some are now flying again.. Photo: Getty

Qatar Airways has not been alone in grounding its fleet. The A380 has quickly become a scare sight as many airlines have grounded their entire fleets (including Emirates, Etihad Airways, Lufthansa, Air France, Asiana, Korean Air, and Malaysia Airlines) and others have cut service drastically.


But, with the increased load expected as part of the airline’s new commitment, the larger aircraft once again makes sense on some routes. Qatar Airways quotes load factors for the past seven days at over 80 percent to the UK, France, and Germany. As well as helping travelers and residents get home, the airline is also working with embassies around the world. The airline flew 5,000 passengers home last week through these services, and expects this to triple over the coming week.

Qatar open for transit

Of course, one of the main reasons this is possible is that Doha airport remains open for passengers who want to connect. Many other major hub airports have now closed to transit passengers.

Emirates suspend operations getty images
Emirates and Etihad have been forced to ground their aircraft by the government. Photo: Getty

Emirates and Etihad Airways have recently announced they will ground all flights as the UAE has banned all passenger services. And other major hub airports Singapore, Hong Kong, and Taiwan have this week all announced bans on transit passengers.

These sudden restrictions from other hubs have caused cancellations from airlines and left many passengers stranded. With Doha airport staying open, it is great news that Qatar Airways is increasing its service to get more people home. And it is impressive how it is changing its operations so quickly alongside the evolving situation.

Doha Qatar aircraft
Hamad International Airport in Doha remains open for transit flights. Photo: Sunnya343 via Wikimedia

The airline is currently still flying to 75 destinations across the world. But with the situation shifting so fast all over the world, this will no doubt be a changing list.


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One airline that takes it customers seriously. They decided to use the A380 so people in economy class doesn’t sit so tight. They could have choose to use a smaller A350 or 787, but no they don’t want to pack people like sardine can when this pandemic is going on. And unlike their neighbour Emirates, they still try to get their customers back home.

Mighty Travels Premium

Gosh now Al-Bakr become a proper contrarian thinker. This airline will have a great future.


My flight has been cancelled fro
Thessaloniki to Sydney
Im Left in shambles!
Trying days to restore my flight. No success.
Phone number they provided doesn’t work! No one is helping . I tried Consulate, Embassy Airports etc
Nk answer.
FLY 365 no longer accessible , where I booked my ticket. Yes! I have flown to Greece now Im returning back! My flight was paid and confirmed!
Ok I understand the cancellation! However! Why wasn’t I informed?
Why didn’t get any notification?
Flights are still happening! Why wasn’t I booked another flight ?
I have been in a complete stress and terrible!
I was going to leave early but no chance!


They are transporting everyone to their homes and what about my child?
She was sent away from home that is Doha where we, her parents live.
She was denied entry here announcing the closure of airports on the 18th while closing it suddenly two days before.
Isn’t that unfair.
Qataris could enter but residents who also have homes here could not enter.Especially kids, students who go abroad to study and depend on parents.
I was put on medication after this event.
My child is still not with me and I’m desperate to call her.


Thats all well and good from perth to doha but from doha to dublin they are using the 787 packing people in small uncomfortable seats just like sardines in a tin can, making no difference to social distancing and the health and care of their passengers in this frightfulttimes. But I suppose us stranded travellers need to get home so we are taking that risk therefore grateful to Qatar for still flying especially the A380

Fauzia Khan Pathan

Will qatar airlines service be available for karachi to birmingham soon?

Andries Pretorius

Will they still operate to New York from Johannesburg with a trasit at Doha?


Flights are leaving from Manila to Diha and on to UK but virtually empty due to the fare price
People cannot afford to pay having paid for other flights which have cancelled


Qatar airways available for India


Does the flight from Helsinki to Kolkata via Doha is still under operation on 30.3.2020 and 31.3.2020?


I’m transiting to Doha to Auckland New Zealand
Flying from marrakesh, my flight was canceled on the day of Lockdown
Can you please update your flight plans.

Omar Farooq

My parents are currently stuck in Pakistan, I know that Qatar Airways have flights to Doha daily at the moment but cannot get them on them. Their return ticket has been cancelled by Qatar Airways and you cannot speak to anyone, they are not responding to any social media messages or online requests. What else can I do? Anyone ?

Abdul Ateeq

Is there flightS operating to india


My wife mt daughter and I are in new Zealand and need to get to south Africa. I am a police officer. The earliest available flight to south Africa will be appreciated.

Justice Makaula

I salute Qatar Airways for this wise decision. Travelling people in economy class will not be squashed and thak you.

Bruce Soh

I was right on Airbus 380. This is indeed the silver lining for the big Bird! Just when everyone was contemplating on stopping the 380 along comes the most sensible and pragmatic utilization of 380! Long live 380, you still have a long way to go, have fun! Your strongest supporter numero uno!


Perth to Doha Will it be ok? ..But is Doha to Edinburgh still flying,???