Qatar Airways Set To Launch New Qsuite On Boeing 787-9

Qatar Airways is set to launch a brand new Qsuite onboard its Boeing 787-9 aircraft. Alex Macheras of Aviation Analyst revealed the news in an exclusive blog post yesterday. While the aircraft are ready to be delivered from Boeing’s point of view, the delivery has been delayed due to the new Qsuite seats.

Boeing 787-9, Qatar Ariways, Qsuite
Qatar’s Boeing 787-9 delivery has been delayed due to a new iteration of the Qsuite. Photo: Boeing

Qatar’s Qsuite is considered by some to be one of the best business class products. The suite sees each passenger given their own personal space. However, passengers in the middle suites are able to lower partitions to create a “room” for up to four people.

Qatar’s current Qsuite offering

Qatar Airways currently offers Qsuites on two different aircraft. These are the Boeing 777 and the Airbus A350. Both the A350-1000 and A350-900 offer the Qsuite, however, not all of these aircraft have had the product fitted. According to God Save The Points, the original Qsuite was launched in mid-2017.

The Qsuite was one of the most high profile business class seats to introduce an enclosed suite. As a result, we’ve seen everybody from British Airways to ANA rolling out enclosed suites for business class passengers. However, Virgin Atlantic is still yet to cave, not utilizing closed suites onboard its new Airbus A350 aircraft.

Boeing 787-9, Qatar Ariways, Qsuite
Up to four central Qsuites can be combined by removing dividers. Photo: Qatar Airways

The new Qsuite

Qatar is currently planning to introduce a new generation of Qsuite. This new seat will be introduced onboard the Boeing 787-9 according to Alex Macheras. He mentions that the Boeing 787-9 requires the new Qsuite product as the aircraft’s fuselage is smaller than that of the Boeing 777 and Airbus A350.

According to Flight Global, the Boeing 787-9 has an internal cabin width of 5.49 meters. This compares with a fuselage width of 5.61 meters on the Airbus A350, and 5.86 meters on the Boeing 777, according to the respective manufacturers.

Boeing 787-9, Qatar Ariways, Qsuite
The current window Qsuites are best for solo travelers. Photo: Qatar Airways

Boeing 787-9s ready

Qatar’s Boeing 787-9 aircraft are already ready to be delivered to Qatar Airways. However, the aircraft are currently without completed business class cabins. They are awaiting the installation of the new Qsuite iteration before they go on to be delivered to the Middle East airline. Quite when the first aircraft will be delivered did not seem to be readily available.

Additionally, Qatar seems to be staying tight-lipped on what exactly to expect from the new Qsuite. While Airline Analyst has called it a new variant, what exactly this means is unknown. Could it be the same seat, with the geometries reconfigured to fit the new cabin? Alternately, should passengers be expecting a complete overhaul of the Qsuite product? Only time will tell.

What do you think should be expected from a new iteration of the Q-Suite? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.