Quick & Cheap: Indigo A320 Economy Class Review

I needed to get from Singapore to Bangalore quickly and cheaply, so amid an increase in flights to Singapore, I chose to fly with IndiGo. I hopped on flight 58 at 5:30am in Singapore, and cruised across the Bay of Bengal as the sun was rising. Having never flown this Indian low-cost carrier before, I was pleasantly surprised by my smooth and comfortable flight.

Indigo A320 parked
My ride of the day, an A320, parked at gate F31. Photo: Quinn Favret


After breezing through the nonexistent cue at the IndiGo check-in counter, I proceed through the automated immigration. I then made my way through the lovely Singapore airport in the wee hours of the morning, finding gate F31 easily.

At 4:30am, an hour before departure, we were allowed to go through the second set of security to gain access to the waiting room, where our bags were scanned again.

Line to enter secondary security
The line to enter secondary security flowed quickly and smoothly. Photo: Quinn Favret

After this quick and simple process, we were held in the waiting room with plenty of space and seating for an additional 20 minutes before boarding was initiated. About 40 minutes before departure, a very presentable and friendly staff member began boarding the plane from back to front, which I personally believe is the most logical method.

A spacious waiting room
There was ample space in the waiting room to make myself comfortable. Photo: Quinn Favret

As seat 4F, I was one of the last to board. As soon as my group was called, I immediately joined the queue. The crew rapidly checked everyone in, and we continued on to the jet bridge. I was very impressed with how positive and upbeat the staff was, especially as I was not quite as positive at 5am.

Line to board
I was at the tail end of the line to board the flight. Photo: Quinn Favret
The Jetway onto the plane
We made our way slowly down the jetway. Photo: Quinn Favret
Stepping on the plane
We made it onto the plane at 5am. Photo: Quinn Favret

Around 5am, I stepped foot on the plane, making for a perfect on-time departure.

The aircraft

As we rose above Singapore, the city quickly disappeared into the clouds and a gorgeous sunrise appeared over the wing.

Sunrise out the window
There was a beautiful sunrise over the Bay of Benegal. Photo: Quinn Favret

Shifting to discuss the plane itself, I was on a very clean, new A320. The interior itself was very aesthetically pleasing, with comfortable blue and white being the dominant colors. Additionally, the seats appeared very sleek and modern, until I sat down. Then it resembled more of a brick with cloth wrapped over it. However, for a short two-hour flight, this was only a minor inconvenience, but any flight over two hours I would be very hesitant.

The Indigo Seat
The seats were slim and rock solid. Photo: Quinn Favret

The legroom was also below average, but for the price I paid, which was nearly $200 USD cheaper than the closest competitor, this was a minor sacrifice. No one else was in my row either, so the under-capacity allowed me to sprawl out to make up for the lack of personal space.

Leg Room
The legroom was tight but manageable. Photo: Quinn Favret

As we continued our ascent, the noise of the right-hand engine resembled that of a lawnmower. I have been fortunate to fly a decent amount in my life, and this was by far the loudest engine I have ever heard. It was quite disturbing and made sleep very difficult. There was also no IFE to help drown this nuisance out.

Lack of IFE
I expected a lack of IFE on this budget airline. Photo: Quinn Favret

For a budget airline, I thought the product was of high quality, however, by no means is this luxurious travel.


The onboard service and how the flight attendants conducted themselves blew me away. I was impressed by the passenger-first mindset which each crew member embodied. They started by introducing each of themselves and listing the languages they spoke for convenience purposes.

Afterward, they walked down the aisle offering assistance and had quite bright smiles, which helped balance out the gloomy monsoon now outside the plane. I also noticed that all the female flight attendants had female empowerment pins on their uniforms, which I had never seen before. It showcases IndiGo’s value of equality and empowerment well.

Gloomy monsoon out the windown
The cabin crews’ smiles helped balance out the dark clouds outside. Photo: Quinn Favret

As soon as we were underway, complimentary water was offered to all passengers. For an additional price, I could also purchase snacks or meals, although I decided to pass as I already had breakfast.

Onboard menu
The menu had a wide range of reasonably priced snacks. Photo: Quinn Favret


As we began to descend over the Indian subcontinent, the familiar red of Bangalore came into view.

Clear view of India
Our first view of India was about 20 minutes from Bangalore. Photo: Quinn Favret

Soon after, we were on the ground next to a British Airways 777. Overall, I was extremely impressed by Indigo’s budget service. The attitude of the crew and price outweighed the lack of in-flight amenities, making this an airline I would fly on again if I needed to save a few dollars. As the IndiGo fleet expands, I look forward to seeing their new routes and options.

Landed in Bangalore
Our final parking spot in Bangalore was next to a BA 777. Photo: Quinn Favret