Republic Airways Embraer E170 Temporarily Loses Power To Both Engines

On October 24th a United Airlines flight operated by Republic Airways suffered an engine failure on a flight between Houston Intercontinental and Pittsburgh. The flight, UA3507, was an Embraer aircraft – also known as an E170. Upon losing power from one engine, the aircraft diverted to the airport in Nashville. It landed safely without incident.

The United Airlines flight was actually by Republic Airways. Photo: Planespotter via Wikimedia Commons

The incident

According to The Aviation Herald, the flight with 69 people on board, had lost one engine and the other was providing only minimal power. As the aircraft neared the Nashville aerodrome, it now had its right-hand engine up and providing power, while the left-hand engine was still down. It was in this condition that the aircraft made a safe landing.

Immediately after the safe landing, the airport resumed its departures and arrivals. The crew subsequently requested that emergency services check their left engine. The Aviation Herald reports that emergency services reported seeing no damage and no smoke.


We have contacted Republic Airways to get an official statement and find out more about the flight and what happened to the passengers after the incident. The following is their response:

Our flight 3507, operating as United Express, experienced an engine shutdown during flight. In accordance with our standard operating procedures in such situations, the flight diverted to the nearest available airport – Nashville – where it landed without incident. Our passengers were transferred to a replacement aircraft to complete their travels. We apologize to everyone inconvenienced by this delay.
The flight path of UA3507. Photo: FlightRadar24

About the aircraft

The aircraft involved was an Embraer E170 operated by Republic Airways on behalf of United Airlines. The aircraft had registration N632RW – which according to AirFleets has been with Republic Airways since 2016. Airfleets reports that the aircraft was with Shuttle America prior to this – from 2005-2016. And from 2004-2005 flew with Chautauqua Airlines.

Republic Airways operates an all-Embraer fleet of regional jets. Photo: Cliff via Wikimedia Commons

According to both Airfleets and the Republic Airways website, the airline operates an all-Embraer E170/175 fleet. In fact, Airfleet reports that the airline operates 64 E170s and 127 E175s. The airline website, however, shows that it operates over 200 E170/175 jets.


This is what Republic Airways has to say about its jets:

“The aircraft’s fly-by-wire technology helps reduce pilot workload, improves aircraft performance, simplifies systems architecture and minimizes weight and maintenance…Each aircraft is equipped with two General Electric CF34 engines. These engines are designed for efficiency – CO, UHC, NOx and smoke emission margins range from 26% to an impressive 98% below ICAO Annex (Volume II) CAEP/6 limits for the E-170/175.”

Republic Airways operates flights for all three major US airlines: Delta, American, and United. Photo: BriYYZ via Flickr

More about Republic Airways

Headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, Republic Airways operates small, regional flights for all three major US airlines. According to Wikipedia, this includes services for American Eagle, Delta Connection, and United Express. The regional carrier also had a deal with Frontier Airlines from 2007 to 2018. Under the agreement, Republic operated 17 Embraer 170 aircraft for Frontier Airlines.

Combined, the airline’s mission and vision state:

“With the BEST People, Products and Performance we will be America’s regional airline of choice…Together we provide a safe, clean and reliable flying experience.”


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Please “spell check” the title of this article…..

Michael Ryan

While the Ejets often fly regional routes, they are not designated “Embraer Regional Jets,” as you call them several times in the article. ERJs are the 135-140-145 family. Ejets (170-175-190-195) are marketed as mainline airplanes.


Lion Air Boeing 737 MAX ?

Gerry Stumpe

Come on folks. Where is my Lion Air story?


Title misleads me to think both engines were lost. body says only one. Yes, I did read one engine was described as “low power,” but that is not losing both.

Mirek Goldberg

Chris Loch, I’m alarmed by Republic Airways limited response. Shouldn’t seriousness of this event-class warrant some sort of Federal investigation or at least forcing the airline to publish the readout of the flight data recorder to shine more light on the unexpected behavior of both engines?