Review: Singapore Airlines’ Incredible A380 Restaurant In Business Class

Singapore Airlines’ Restaurant A380 is a unique event that has risen out of COVID-19. This event, exclusive to residents in Singapore, sold out in 10 minutes. 

The Singapore Airlines A380 Restaurant sold out in 10 minutes! Photo: Singapore Airlines

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We were lucky to get tickets

Disappointed that we did not get tickets, despite selecting seats the second they appeared, we settled for the waitlist. When we managed to buy two business class tickets, we were over the moon! 

Fasten your seat belt as we take you on our journey which culminates in a limited-edition 5-course meal on the world’s largest passenger aircraft, run by one of the best airlines in the world! 

The check-in process

The check-in process was a breeze, representative of Singapore Airlines’ high service standards. Safety measures were taken at every step of the way in an efficient and pleasant manner.

To facilitate contact-tracing, we scanned QR codes just as we do everywhere else in Singapore. Our temperatures and passports were checked. We then received invitations for our imaginary “flight to Dubai” and our wrists were tagged with our seat numbers.

We and our bags and went through the regular security checks for liquids, sharps and prohibited items. The cabin crew even showed up wheeling their luggage. It really felt as though we were really going on a flight.

As a fan of my national airline, I dressed up as a flight attendant. Photo: Eventful Globe

I confess, I also dressed up in order to obtain the mystery gift. Only for those who show up in ethnic costumes can receive it. The gift was a gorgeous umbrella that uses the SIA pattern. 

This same pattern, in red, was found on some beautiful paper roses that were being distributed as part of the event. Each guest could choose a ready-made rose or make their own. I had fun making my own while waiting for my tour and dinner. 

In the waiting area were many other fun activities:

  • We were edutained with the showcase of Singapore Airlines’ uniforms through the ages. 
  • We could get temporary tattoos.
  • We had our photos taken with cabin crew dressed in the iconic blue sarong kebaya. 

We were kept meaningfully entertained before our eye-opening tour of the impressive A380. Our tour took us through all cabin classes and even the cockpit where the captains welcomed us! 

Now, let’s get to the main part of this event—our fancy dinner, which we enjoyed with the in-flight entertainment! 

The 5-course meal

To drink: Mocktail and champagne

The mocktail was refreshing, citrusy and fizzy. 

The Laurent-Perrier La Cuvée Brut, Champagne, France was delightful.

The starter: SIA Signature Satay

Served with cucumber, onion, and peanut sauce.

Satay is a popular Malay dish that I love. Satay is skewered barbequed meat that in this case was chicken. SIA’s satay was chunkier, juicier and more tender than any other satay I’ve ever had; it was the most satisfying satay ever. Bagus! (that’s wonderful in Malay) 

The Appetizer: A cold dish with chicken, prawns, and jellyfish on a bed of lettuce, topped with coleslaw dressing.

This was well presented and the ingredients were all very fresh. Although I’m not a huge fan of jellyfish, the jellyfish certainly elevated this dish as jellyfish is a delicacy commonly served at Chinese weddings. 

Bread: A selection of bread including their famed garlic bread.

I loved that the bread was still toasty when they served them. 

Main course: Nasi Lemak

This is a famous local dish in Singapore, it includes fragrant coconut rice.

The prawns were delicious and not spicy although they were swimming in sambal (shrimp chili). The anchovies were very crispy but the prawn cracker felt as though it wasn’t kept in an air-tight container. 

The wine selection was great and I enjoyed the French red (2015 Château Magnan la Gaffelière, Saint-Émilion Grand Cru, Bordeaux, France), while our cameraman had the Australian shiraz. The French red was smooth and graceful, while the Shiraz was an explosion of chocolate and espresso flavors. 

Dessert: Salty sweet gula melaka ice cream sandwiched between thin crunchy wafers

The dessert was an homage to a traditional Singapore street food with a little twist. Gula melaka is not one of the typical flavors one gets from the ice-cream vendor on the street but gula melaka is a local flavor, best described as carmelized coconut sugar. 

I also tried the mango cheesecake even though it was not on my menu. It was a glorious contrast of softness and the crunchiness of the encrusted almonds.

The cheese plate: Three kinds of cheese and fruit

The cheese plate included a typical selection of three kinds of cheese: one brie, one Swiss, and one blue cheese. I found the Swiss cheese a bit bland, but the blue cheese was very good for those who enjoy blue cheeses!

The fruit platter included strawberries, two types of melons, orange, kiwi, papaya, and pineapple. I loved the healthy and sweet ending to this wonderful meal. 

At the end of our one-of-a-kind dinner, we were presented goodie bags with memorabilia to remember our eventful day at Restaurant A380.

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