Rihanna Shames American Airlines Passenger For Watching The Super Bowl Live In Flight

Pop star Rihanna reportedly shamed a passenger who watched the Super Bowl during an American Airlines flight. The flight which View From The Wing states likely flew from Los Angeles to New York took place during the game. As with a number of other airlines, American Airlines passengers are able to watch live TV at 36,000 feet.

Rihanna had reportedly been asked to perform at the event’s half time show, however, this was turned down. This is reportedly due to a political row centring around Colin Kaepernick’s decision to kneel during the national anthem in 2016.

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Rihanna Superbowl
The Rihanna Superbowl boycott incident took place on an American Airlines A321. Photo: Airbus

What Is This All About?

Back in 2016, before an American Football game, player Colin Kaepernick decided to kneel before a game commenced. This action was in protest against “racial injustice and systematic oppression in the country”. After others began to follow his actions, the movement caught the attention of American President Donald Trump who condemned the actions.

Since the president’s involvement the NFL, National Football League, has taken a harsh stand on those who kneel during the national anthem. Since 2017 Mr Kaepernick has remained unsigned by any NFL team. This is where Rihanna becomes involved. She, along with many other artists, decided to boycott the 2019 Super Bowl in disagreement with the NFL’s stance on kneeling. Indeed, it seems Colin Kaepernick approves of Rihanna’s protest.

Should Rihanna Shame Passengers?

The big debate arises from Rihanna’s behaviour during the football game itself. She was onboard an American Airlines flight when she decided to post videos to her Instagram story. It appears as though she was flying on an American Airlines A321. One video showed her face with a blank expression while passengers were debating how to watch the game. The next focused on the passenger himself, labelling him a “weirdo”.

While Rihanna is certainly entitled to her opinions on boycotting the Super Bowl, it isn’t fair for her to criticise others who do wish to watch the game. Branding fellow aircraft passengers “weirdos” for doing so is plain rude. She doesn’t know how they feel about the issues at hand or their reasons for watching the game. Simple Flying has contacted a representative of Rihanna for comment.

Do you think Rihanna was right to ridicule a fellow passenger? Let us know in the comments down below!

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  1. She must think she is famous and has the right to judge other people. She does not! She needs to grow up and respect other peoples opinions.

  2. Everyone has a right their opinion. Most people, in my experience, usually have little or no actual true information on which to base their opinion, they just blurt out their supposed feelings of disgust and “I’m offended and outraged!”.
    That being said, it appears that Rhianna thinks that others have no right to their own opinion and that her opinion is the only correct one (sounds a lot like religion huh?). So, maybe we should all shame this supposed “Superstar” (Rhianna) because since she thinks that no one else should watch the Superbowl due to what she perceives as a injustice, I think she’s is wrong for Rhianna to even be performing her shows and making tons of money (of course), in a country that supports a football league that supports discrimination against Mr. Kaepernick. Sounds like she’s outraged at this country and the people in it unless they are coming to see her shows and make her rich. Then of course she’s “loves” these people and calls them “my adoring fans”.

    Yeah, see how stupid it sounds when you just make up your own version of what you think is right vs wrong?

    Many people will simply draw their own “line” around what they think and brutally criticize anyone who do not agree with them. All the while, going about their own lives as though everything they believe is perfect. I call it “Cafeteria Religion”. That seems to be the state things in America these days.

  3. Prejudice, bias, bigotry, intolerance, narrow-mindedness; what do these terms all have in common? Rihanna’s attitude toward people who don’t agree with her. Wait, what movement was she supposedly supporting?

  4. Rihanna was born in Barbados of African decent AND has been very loved by America and has made millions upon millions of American dollars. But her political position is that America is unjust against Immigrants?? or those of African decent?? or unjust against Celebrities?? I’m at a loss….

  5. Frankly, I’m sick and fed up of these rich Hollywood musicians and actors telling us how to feel and act. They pretend to be “so liberal” and yet their actions betray an underlying fascism reminiscent of all dictatorships.

  6. Anti American Liberal who thinks she can tell Citizens that disrespecting the flag and the country is alright. The NFL has lost 40% of their audience over this and only Liberals would think this is good business practice.

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