Royal Air Maroc 737-700 Domestic Economy Class Review


As part of my long voyage to, and within, Morocco, I got the chance to experience Royal Air Maroc’s (RAM) domestic service between Casablanca and Agadir. While the airline has an incredible long-haul fleet,I would find out that my 737-700 just couldn’t match the much newer 787s in terms of hard-product. That said, RAM offers a serviceable, and relatively affordable, domestic service, worthy of your consideration should you need to travel within the Kingdom.

RAM 737-700 boarding
RAM 737-700 boarding Photo: Author

Casablanca airport – a labyrinth of modernity and heritage

I arrived at CMN at 20:16, giving my mum and I an hour and a half before our flight. Although that’s more than a sufficient amount of time for a domestic departure, Casablanca, as it stands, is a hard airport to navigate. The fundamental issues, signage and renovations.

After checking in with the help of some swanky check-in machines, and dropping off our bags, we attempted to follow the signs to the departures area. Little did we know, at that time, the signs only referred to international departures. Thanks to e-gates controlling access, and some very helpful staff, we weren’t “lost” for too long.

Eventually, and after asking for directions two more times, we made it to the domestic departure area. Which, while old compared to the rest of the terminal, and on the small side, was beautiful.

CMN domestic gates sipre
CMN domestic gates sipre. Photo: Author

The architecture, very much from the 60s, took great inspiration from traditional Moroccan design. The middle of the ornate roof featured a downwards facing spire, with its tip pointing over a model of the Hassan II Mosque, located in Casablanca.

CMN domestic gates spire with Mosque Model
CMN domestic gates spire with Mosque miniature model. Photo: Author
In terms of amenities, the boarding area featured; a small cafe offering drinks and snacks, a prayer room, a smoking “box”, a PED charging station, restrooms and some decent seating.
Overall, while the area offered few amenities per se, the beautiful architecture made it a nice place to be.

RAM 737-700 – an original Next Generation aircraft.

Although no announcement was made, At 21:20 we made our way to the gate, seeing a sizable queue. By 20:24 we were bused to our awaiting 737-700, part of the third generation of Boeing’s successful airliner family.


We boarded by stairs, and while it was a bit chaotic at times, I could see numerous smiling staff members assisting young families and the elderly.

Though the darkness made it difficult to take photos, the views were excellent. Photo: Author

Eventually, I got to my seat, 14E, an emergency exit row after entering the aircraft through the front door, passing through business class. And wow, the plane was a bit retro.

RAM 737-700 Business Class
RAM 737-700 Business Class. Photo: Author

As for the seat itself, it was showing its age, both in terms of comfort, although many older seats are great, and style. Legroom however, was excellent, albeit the emergency row might have been exceptional. Looking around though, most people seemed comfortable legroom wise.

RAM 737-700 Emergency row legroom
RAM 737-700 Emergency row legroom. Photo: Author

Awaiting at my seat were no amenities to speak of, bar the rather standard in-flight literature. The aircraft did have IFE, in the form of overhead screens which seemed much newer than the aircraft itself. The aircraft also had a sticker showing the availability of SKYRAM, the airline’s internet connectivity service. Unfortunately though, I didn’t have time to use it on this short flight.

Slight delay to a service-less flight

By 21:56 we had yet to leave our parking position, meaning that we were already facing a delay. As more passengers embarked, a commotion in the row next to mine sprung up. A madam, seated in the emergency aisle, categorically refused to let her bag out of her sight. Thus, she demanded that she be able to put it under the seat in front of her. While a flight attendant protested, she didn’t budge, and it took the Chief Purser to convince her otherwise.

RAM 737-700 Economy class seat cover pattern
RAM 737-700 Economy class seat cover pattern. Photo: Author

With that issue resolved, a safety played was played around 22:05 and we pushed back. Eventually, rolling off into the dark Moroccan starless night.

As we climbed towards our cruising altitude we hit some light to medium turbulence. About 15 minutes later, the seat belt signs were turned off and I got up to use the restrooms. To be honest, I didn’t really need to use the facilities, but, it was a great excuse to wake up the sprawling Italian tourist who was falling asleep on my mother’s shoulders. Speaking of the lavatories, they offered no amenities bar, soap, in liquid form.
At 22:42, the seat belt signs were switched on as we started our descent, finally touching down at 23:02.

Arriving in Agadir, the edge of the Atlas

Deplaning was just chaotic as boarding, with people pushing towards the door. Perhaps it was the late night flight, or lack of onboard service, but people were in a rush to disembark.
Agadir Airport Plane Spotting
Agadir Airport Plane Spotting. Photo: Author
We made it off the plane by 22:10 where we entered the arrivals terminal. Though we were coming from a domestic flight, we had to pass an identity paper check, a common practice in Morocco. International arrivals had proper and separate immigration facilities.
We were through the police controls at 23:23, and off on our way to start what would be a beautiful, albeit short, holiday.
Overall, RAM provides a serviceable shuttle service between Casablanca and Agadir. Although there was no real onboard service, RAM brought us, and our, bags to Agadir in relative comfort. My only gripes from this trip are the long airport queues and the ease of navigating Casablanca airport. Admittedly, these issues are certainly not of RAM’s doing, but it certainly detracted from an otherwise, uneventful, even pleasant, trip.