Royal Air Maroc Joins The OneWorld Airline Alliance As A Full Member

Following 6 years where OneWorld hasn’t welcomed any new members, the airline alliance is finally receiving a new member.  Royal Air Maroc is set to join the OneWorld alliance in mid-2020, as the group’s first African airline. The move will allow the group to expand into the African continent given the amount of growth forecast for the region’s aviation market. As well as welcoming Royal Air Maroc, the OneWorld alliance is also welcoming Fiji Airlines to the group as a “OneWorld Connect” member. The news comes as Qatar has repeatedly threatened to leave the alliance.

Royal Air Maroc
Royal Air Maroc is the alliances first African member. Photo: OneWorld

Who Are Royal Air Maroc?

Royal Air Maroc is the flag carrier of Morroco. The airline founded in 1957 last year carried 7.3 million passengers. In fact, The airline operated an average of 245 departures each day last year. The airline is 98% owned by the Moroccan Government. In addition to 55 Boeing and Embraer aircraft, the airline is set to receive its first B787-9s later this month. Royal Air Maroc is currently in the midst of a 5-year growth plan. As such, the airline is planning a number of improvements including a complete brand overhaul. Additionally, the airline is attempting to become a transfer airline such as some of the large Middle Eastern carriers.

Royal Air Maroc
The news was announced at a New York press conference earlier today. Photo: OneWorld

Speaking about joining the airline alliance, Royal Air Maroc’s CEO Abdelhamid Addou said: Royal Air Maroc is excited and honored to have been invited to become OneWorld’s wings of Africa. We look forward to completing our flight on board speedily and smoothly so that we can offer the services and benefits of the world’s best airline alliance to our customers and across our own network as soon as possible.” Before adding “This undoubtedly represents one of the most significant landmarks in our airline’s 60-year history and on our journey to establish Royal Air Maroc as the leading airline of Africa.”

Royal Air Maroc
Royal Air Maroc is set to finalise its membership in 2020. Photo: OneWorld

“Last Major Region”

Alan Joyce, the CEO of Qantas and OneWorld Board Chairman echoed Mr Addou’s sentiments stating how the group was keen to expand into Africa. “We’re pleased to welcome Royal Air Maroc to OneWorld.  Africa is the last major region where OneWorld does not have a  full member airline – and has one of the fastest predicted air travel growth rates over the next few decades. Royal Air Maroc will deliver greater value for more customers worldwide as we expand our alliance network to a new region.”

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