Things Get Steamy Aboard A Royal Air Maroc Flight

State-owned airline Royal Air Maroc has had to issue a public apology after racy pictures of flight attendants with an ‘adult actress’ went viral. The photos, which date back to October last year, show adult film star Valerie Kybad posing in some rather revealing underwear in the galley of a RAM aircraft.

Royal Air Maroc
Royal Air Maroc has had to apologize after a saucy photo went viral. Photo: OneWorld

Royal Air Maroc takes a firm stand

Royal Air Maroc has suspended two flight attendants after photos emerged of one of them posing with a porn star. Valerie Kybad appears to have been a passenger on a flight back in October 2019, when she was identified by crew and asked to pose for photos with them.

The photos ended up online, along with the smiling face of one of the RAM flight attendants, causing a huge backlash for the airline from its local community. As such, the airline has suspended two members of crew and has issued a public apology for their actions.

Things Get Steamy Aboard A Royal Air Maroc Flight

In the announcement, RAM branded the photos ‘indecent’ and apologized to the public, saying that the images have “menaced the reputation and values of the company.” It goes on to say that it has now (four months later) wrapped up an in-depth investigation and as such is reaction with “the utmost firmness” in regard to the people involved.

The airline wraps up by thanking its dedicated employees and reiterating its confidence in its cabin crew. While it appears RAM has taken steps to get to the ‘bottom’ of the matter, one has to ask whether it was worth all the fuss?

What caused all the fuss?

The photos that caused all the controversy involved a Royal Air Maroc flight attendant posing alongside porn star Valerie Kybad. While the actress is not exactly naked, her revealing attire is clearly rather more X-rated that the airline would have liked.

While some flight attendant misdemeanors happily fly below the radar, this one, for some reason went viral on social media. Some might say the owner of the raunchy photograph was indeed irresponsible, at least for sharing it rather than keeping it to themselves.

For those of us in the west, seeing someone in a white thong is nothing unusual, particularly on a resort beach in the heat of the summer. However, Morocco is a more reserved nation, and you can understand why the airline saw this as an affront to its status as a well-renowned carrier.

Having a slur on its reputation, particularly as it gears up to join oneworld, would have been seriously unwelcome for the Moroccan carrier. As such, it was keen to prevent itself from being the ‘butt’ of too many jokes (sorry).

The funny thing is, if it hadn’t issued such a bold and public apology for the actions of its crew, the whole thing might have just slipped away. Now, the world media has gotten wind of it and everyone is finding out what its crew get up to mid-flight.

What do you think of the photo? Should RAM have suspended its flight attendants, or just shrugged it off?