Abu Dhabi’s Royal Jet Takes A Boeing 737 BBJ With Bedrooms And Showers

Abu Dhabi-based RoyalJet has added a new Boeing Business Jet 737 to its fleet. The 16-year-old aircraft has recently undergone a full refurbishment by Jet Aviation in Basel, adding more passenger comforts and improved fuel efficiency. The aircraft will split its time between Europe and the UAE, operating for its owner and select charter clients.

BBJ 737 RoyalJet
RoyalJet has added a new 737 BBJ to its managed fleet. Photo: RoyalJet

RoyalJet’s new 737 BBJ

Abu Dhabi-based RoyalJet has added a new Boeing Business Jet (BBJ) to its fleet. The aircraft has just emerged from Jet Aviation Basel, having undergone extensive upgrades and maintenance work. Now, it joins RoyalJet’s growing fleet of managed aircraft.

The BBJ is a 737-700 airframe, delivered to Jet Aviation Business Jets in September 2004. In 2008, it moved to Longtail Aviation, and ownership was transferred to RoyalJet in March this year. Rob DiCastri, CEO of Royal Jet, commented on the addition of the aircraft, saying,

“RoyalJet is excited to add this exceptional aircraft to our large and growing fleet of BBJs, to offer it to our select customers and to expand our reach further into the European market. This is yet another milestone in the history of RoyalJet and we are honoured to have been selected to manage this valuable asset.”

BBJ 737 RoyalJet
RoyalJet has the world’s largest fleet of 737 BBJs. Photo: RoyalJet

Flying under registration VP-BRT, we can see the aircraft has spent much of its life flying to and from Moscow. It will join the nine other 737 BBJs operated by RoyalJet, and will be based in both Europe and the UAE. It will operate on behalf of its owner, and will be available for charter to select customers.

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High-quality upgrades

The BBJ has been configured to be capable of flying for up to 12 hours nonstop. RoyalJet says this is thanks to its reduced weight, additional fuel capacity, and better wing configuration. We can see from the photos that it has a split scimitar wingtip, more commonly seen on the 737 MAX, but which will engineer fuel savings and an extended range.

BBJ 737 RoyalJet
The aircraft has an interesting and rather beautiful livery. Photo: RoyalJet

Also upgraded is the interior experience. Jet Aviation has improved the onboard soundproofing for a quieter operation, as well as installing humidifiers to reduce fatigue on long lights. It says that this is the first BBJ, and possibly the first private aircraft in the world, to employ the Needle Point Bi-Polar Ionisation system provided by Aviation Clean Air to improve the air quality onboard.

In terms of comfort, the aircraft certainly caters to its demanding clients, with wall-to-wall luxury onboard. It has accommodation for up to 19 passengers, including a master bedroom with an en suite bathroom complete with shower. There is also an office which can be converted into a second bedroom, and a separate guest bathroom and shower.

As expected, a large dining area is fully equipped for meals and meetings, while the evenings can be spent relaxing in the onboard lounge. The jet also has a galley, kitchen and full pantry serviced by professional and highly trained flight attendants.