Ryanair Is Still In Negotiations To Order More 737 MAX-200 & MAX 10 Aircraft

CEO of Ryanair Michael O’Leary has been highly complimentary of the Boeing 737 MAX and is still in negotiations with Boeing to get even more of the type. On the cards for the European low-cost carrier are more of the high-density MAX-200 as well as the stretched MAX 10, once it’s available.

Ryanair, Boeing, 737 MAX
Ryanair is negotiating with Boeing for more MAX-200 and the MAX 10. Photo: Boeing

Ryanair is in negotiations for more MAX

As we take in the news that the Boeing 737 MAX could be back in our skies before the year is out, Ryanair is one carrier that will have to wait longer than most to get its hands on the type. Ordering up a unique variant of the MAX 8, which is being called the MAX-200, Ryanair’s aircraft will require a separate tranche of certification before Boeing can get it delivered.

Nevertheless, Ryanair remains committed to the type, and is optimistic about getting its first early in 2021. By the peak summer next year, it hopes to have a fleet of around 30 in operation. The arrival of the first will be two years behind schedule, but the experience hasn’t put CEO Michael O’Leary off from his ‘gamechanger’ aircraft. Speaking at the World Travel Market Virtual yesterday, he said,

“We’re already in negotiations with Boeing, both for more of the MAX-200 and also on the MAX 10s. But I think a deal on the MAX 10s will take a little bit longer.”

Ryanair Is Still In Negotiations To Order More 737 MAX-200 & MAX 10 Aircraft
The MAX 10 would be the largest aircraft Ryanair operates. Image: MB-one & Marc Lacoste via Wikimedia

There’s been talk of another big MAX order from Ryanair for some time, with the airline expressing interest in both the high-density MAX 8 and the larger MAX 10. Unfortunately for Boeing, the airline has had no interest in the regular MAX 8, otherwise it could be chasing down Ryanair to take some bargain ‘white tail’ aircraft just now.

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The MAX 10 will take longer

Ryanair could well firm up an additional order for the MAX-200 in the coming weeks. Perhaps it will be engineered to coincide with the delivery of its first MAX for that inimitable, media-friendly buzz that Ryanair likes to create. However, the deal for the MAX 10 will take some time longer, according to O’Leary. He said,

“I think the MAX 10 deal will be a little longer. The MAX 10 has slightly been delayed, because one of the issues with Boeing and the FAA and EASA is they’ve committed to more design changes on the MAX 10. So I think the first MAX 10 has been delayed or pulled back by two years or something.

“Boeing’s priority at the moment is to get the MAX back in the air and get the 200 certified and delivered, to eliminate the backlog of deliveries, which take them 12 or 18 months to get rid of that, and then really focus on changing the design of the Max 10s and delivering another great aircraft.”

Ryanair, Boeing 737 MAX, Refunds
Ryanair has ordered a specially configured, high-density version of the 737 MAX. Photo: Getty Images

Boeing certainly has a lot on its hands right now, and the MAX 10 is somewhere further down that list of priorities. Nevertheless, O’Leary remains convinced of the type, and was happy to lavish praise on Boeing’s narrowbody line, saying,

“The 737 is the greatest aircraft ever built. It is the backbone of most airline fleets across the world. And we’re very proud to be one of Boeing’s leading partners across the world.”

Are you looking forward to Ryanair’s coming MAX? Do you think the MAX 10 would be a good aircraft for the carrier? Let us know in the comments.