Ryanair Responds To Wizz Air’s Armenia Expansion

Ryanair announced yesterday that it will be extending its presence in the Armenian market by launching a further two new routes, up from the planned four. This comes in response to Wizz Air entering the Armenian market. Will Ryanair chase away Wizz Air from Armenia?

Ryanair 737
Ryanair is rapidly increasing its presence in Armenia. Photo: Simple Flying

Wizz Air is a step behind Ryanair

Ryanair first announced in October 2019 that it would be launching routes out of Armenia. The first flights were immediately scheduled to start in January.

This is an unusually short launch notice for Ryanair. For comparison, the Irish airline announced its 15 new Croatian routes more than six months in advance.

Wizz Air then followed with its own announcement of two new routes. It will be flying to Yerevan out of Vilnius in Lithuania and Vienna in Austria. Flights have been announced for June 2020.

Now, Ryanair has responded to Wizz Air within just a few weeks. The Irish airline has scheduled a further two routes out of Armenia. This brings the total number of Ryanair’s new Armenian routes in 2020 to six. More could come.

Vilnius to London City PSO
Ryanair is launching even more flights in response to Wizz Air’s arrival in Armenia. Photo: Lithuanian Airports

Ryanair’s new routes in Armenia’s capital Yerevan

Out of the biggest airport in Armenia in the capital of Yerevan, Zvartnots International Airport, Ryanair will be launching four routes.

Flights to Germany’s capital Berlin will operate between Zvartnots (EVN) and Schönefeld (SXF) twice weekly. They begin on 25 March 2020.

Flights to the Italian city of Milan will operate between Zvartnots and Bergamo (BGY). They will also run twice weekly, and begin on 14 January 2020. This is one of the first two routes announced. The route will remain a twice-weekly service throughout the summer.

Also to Italy, Ryanair will be flying out of Yerevan to Rome. Flights between Zvartnots and Ryanair’s Rome base Ciampino (CIA) begin on 14 January 2020 and will be operated twice weekly.

The last of the four new routes Ryanair has scheduled out of Armenia’s capital is one to Greece. Flights between Zvartnots and Thessaloniki (SKG) begin on 11 May and will be operated twice weekly, like all the other new Armenian routes, and as is typical for Ryanair’s new routes.

Ryanair Responds To Wizz Air’s Armenia Expansion
Ryanair enters the Armenian market in two new destinations. Photo: Ryanair

Meanwhile, Ryanair will also be launching two routes out of Gyumri, the second-largest city in Armenia.

Flights from Shirak (LWN) to Athens (ATH) in Greece begin on 12 May 2020. They will operate as a two-weekly service.

Flights from Shirak to Memmingen (FMM) in Germany begin on 26 March 2020. You guessed it – they will also run as a two-weekly service.

The benefit to Armenia

As a result of this expansion, Ryanair claims Yerevan will see 148 new jobs on site. The airline also promises a traffic boom in Armenia, with a projected number of passengers of 200,000 per year.

To celebrate its launch in Armenia, Ryanair has announced a sale for flights between May and August 2020. Fares starting at €29.99 can be booked until tomorrow.

If Wizz Air decides to fight for market share in the Armenian market, these Ryanair fares could fall much lower.