Where Has Ryanair Been Flying Its Boeing 737 MAX Aircraft?

It has now been almost a month since Ryanair took delivery of its first Boeing 737 MAX aircraft. While the airline’s rollout of the type has been slow as it gets to grips with its new plane, the type has been making its way around Europe. Simple Flying decided to take a look at where the airline is flying its special 197 seater variant of the Boeing 737 MAX.

Ryanair, Boeing 737 MAX, destinations
Ryanair’s Boeing 737 MAX aircraft have already been spotted around the continent. Photo: Luka Cvetkovic – @euro_spotter

So far Ryanair has taken delivery of five 737 MAX aircraft, although so far only three of these have started to fly Ryanair passengers around the continent. The first aircraft, EI-HEN, was delivered on June 16th, before entering service a week later.

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EI-HEN is Ryanair’s oldest Boeing 737 MAX by delivery date. Having been ordered by Ryanair on November 28th, 2014, the plane was delivered on June 16th. According to data from ch-aviation.com, the plane is 0.32 years old, having taken its first flight on March 19th.

As previously reported by Simple Flying, EI-HEN operated Ryanair’s first passenger Boeing 737 MAX service on June 23rd. Since then, the aircraft has flown exclusively on the routes between London and Dublin, and London and Milan Bergamo. The plane has flown from its London Stansted base to Dublin base six times, and to Milan Bergamo once according to RadarBox.com.

Ryanair, Boeing 737 MAX, Milan
Milan Bergamo is one of three airports welcoming the Ryanair Boeing 737 MAX. Photo: Getty Images


EI-HEZ was the second Boeing 737 MAX to be delivered to Ryanair, arriving two days after its sister, EI-HEN. According to ch-aviation.com‘s data, the aircraft also took its first flight on March 19th, making it the same age as its sister.

Interestingly, EI-HEZ appears to have already had more use than -HEN. According to RadarBox.com, the aircraft has completed 11 rotations since being flown to its London Stansted base. Four of these were to Milan Bergamo, with the remaining seven to Dublin.


EI-HGO is the youngest of the Ryanair Boeing 737 MAX aircraft already in service. The aircraft departed Seattle on July 1st, and thus has had less time to fly between Ireland, England, and Italy. The aircraft is far younger than the other two. Having taken its first flight on June 7th, the plane is just 0.1 years old.

Ryanair, Boeing 737 MAX, destinations
Ryanair took EI-HGO at the start of the month. Photo: Luka Cvetkovic – @euro_spotter

Unlike the other two aircraft, this plane seems to be based in Dublin as opposed to London Stansted. According to RadarBox.com data, the aircraft entered passenger service on Thursday, operating three rotations to Milan Bergamo, and one to London Stansted.


EI-HGP and EI-HGR were the fourth and fifth Boeing 737 MAX aircraft to be delivered to Ryanair. They were delivered to Ryanair on July 7th and July 9th respectively. Both aircraft are currently undergoing entry to service maintenance in Dublin. It’s unclear where these will be based, although, given the aircraft’s flight patterns, tied with previous information, it seems they will be in Stansted, Dublin, or perhaps even Milan Bergamo.

Ryanair is set to take ten Boeing 737 MAX aircraft this summer. The remaining five will be delivered in the Malta Air livery, meaning that we could see them posted more widely across Europe soon.

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