Ryanair Won’t Tell Passengers They’re Flying On A Boeing 737 MAX

During the booking process, Ryanair passengers won’t be informed that their flights will be on Boeing 737 MAX aircraft. The carrier’s chief executive confirmed this news yesterday.

Ryanair 737 MAX
Ryanair feels that extra measures to notify its customers on their flight’s aircraft type won’t be needed. Photo: Boeing

No procedure in place

The way that the airline’s booking system works means that fliers aren’t informed on what plane they are due to board. Flight Global reports that Michael O’Leary doesn’t feel that this move will be a problem for his firm’s customers.

He claims that notifications won’t be necessary because confidence in the plane will soon be restored. Furthermore, the businessman states that those who will enquire if the plane is a 737 MAX aren’t likely to fly on it anyway.

“The reality is [if people want to know whether or not they are due to fly in a Max jet], the answer is that you won’t,” O’Leary told FlightGlobal in Brussels.

“Because we won’t know. We do our aircraft allocations on a nightly basis. You’re booking your ticket six, eight weeks in advance.”

The CEO went on to use examples of previous groundings to back his faith in the jet. The Boeing 787 was grounded in 2013 over safety fears. However, the aircraft type bounced back and is now rarely questioned by passengers.

“I think the best example of [a similar issue with an aircraft type] is the 787 – when it had the lithium-ion battery [issue] and was grounded while they replaced the batteries, there was concern about customer sentiment,” he said, according to the report

“Customers got over it about a week after the plane was back flying.”

Ryanair Boeing 737 MAX
The Ryanair CEO is confident in both the 737 MAX and the trust of its passengers. Photo: Boeing

A different case

Even though most travelers recovered from their fears of flying on the 787, the 737 MAX issues are more likely to leave a greater mark. The two fatal crashes that led up to the groundings were well-publicized. Along with this, there has been ongoing reporting on the situation ever since the range was grounded in March.

Ryanair’s approach is opposite to other airlines such as United. The US-based carrier’s CEO Oscar Munoz shared that his company won’t force customers to board a 737 MAX once it is back in the air.

The airline has put in measures to make sure that customers are aware when their flight is booked on the aircraft. Furthermore, if passengers aren’t comfortable with boarding on the plane, they can rebook their flight at no extra cost.

Ryanair 737 MAX Aircraft
Ryanair is not planning to change its customer service approach with the 737 MAX, unlike many other operators. Photo: Boeing

Important investment

Ryanair has relied heavily on the 737 MAX. The groundings have cost the airline millions of dollars and it continues to be disappointed with its delivery delays. Recently, the airline announced that it will receive only 10 of the aircraft next summer, which is down from the 20 that was previously expected. This number is also down from the 58 aircraft that was initially planned.

Nonetheless, O’Leary is still a huge fan of the airliner as he says that passengers will love its interior. Additionally, he states that the range will be one of the most audited and regulated aircraft in history, giving him true confidence in its operations.   

Simple Flying reached out to Ryanair for comment on its approach. We will update the article with any further announcements.

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